Anxiety, Stress and Depression in times of Corona ~ Ravneet Sangha

We all are dealing with it in our own ways, and the important thing is to remember is that we all are in it together. Please don’t make fun, mock or ridicule anyone; everyone may not have the same inner strength as you. It is a time where all internal securities, fears and Stress are coming in front; don’t fight them. Please feel that, and in the midst of contacting the you that is experiencing these.

It’s the feeling of claustrophobia, the fact that we have been curtailed just to step out, that is making it a period of unrest for us. Why do we feel this? It’s because we have drifted to finding things to do, mindlessly outside. The millennials or the society in general has become so engrossed in living a life that is not for us , but for others – a life that has been described virtually, where to be seen, what to wear, where to go, because the gratification is instant via the likes you get. We live to project, broadcast and show. This was a life that was given to us by the marketing experts, publicists, advertising company that is just a medium to sell a product.

Being grounded is what we are facing, and these boundaries are eating us up, in Italy, it was a stay-cation, but now it’s become to be indefinite.. it is slowly becoming a way of life.

In times to come, we will all be more cautious, warier of travelling to newer boundaries. In the meanwhile, we need to learn and deal with the power of the mind. It will wander, it will fall, it will take you to the deepest end, but we need to claim it. Being anxious, is when we feel restless, and can’t settle down, or can’t pinpoint what is making us agitated.

We will mindlessly search, scroll the phone to give us answers, keep on searching on different apps as if the answers to life are there. The cure for Corona, will not be on Whatsapp forwards but will be diligently by a group of scientists in a laboratory and it will take time.

The number of challenges, tags, and posting makes us deflect the real problem at hand, but it does keep us busy. No harm in it, whatever keeps you happy. In the end, it’s all about being happy, whether it’s making the Dalgona challenge v/s Fenty wali coffee or doing a saree challenge.

I am all for it, but tackle the real monster and make a conscious change for the better. A lot of friends don’t know how to sit at home because they haven’t. They have occupied themselves with chatter, or just going from point A to point B and forgetting to meet themselves. All of us have been programmed to be busy, and if idle, it’s a shame. Just be, just don’t do anything and see where your mind wanders,

You don’t have to be perfect; you don’t have to smile all the time, or have your cup full, be thankful you have the cup. The tension, the Stress, the overeating or not eating, or just not getting up form the couch or wearing your pyjamas and not dressing up, for how long? Baby, you’ve got to show up, face the world and the music doled out.

If it ain’t your tune, no matter what make it sing to yours, just accept and be kind to yourselves and let the emotions come and we will ride this wave together.