Fizza explains How to Eliminate Self-Doubt

We have all fought with self-doubts and lack of confidence at some point in our lives. Some deal with it daily. But did you know that the only thing stopping you from achieving big goals in your life is probably yourself? You are probably the only obstacle in your way to do great things.

So, how to stop being it? How to eliminate self-doubt? Here’s how: 

Stop it immediately.

As soon as your mind starts rambling words of self doubt to you, tell it to stop. Argue with your own self and tell your negative thoughts to shut up. Steer your mind around and come back to positivity land.

Compare with the past.

Remind yourself of the past hundreds of times where your doubted yourself for the worst to happen and made through it nicely. Use the past as a standard reference and council yourself to get back in the game.

Get some reassurance.

Talk to a friend or family about it. Someone you are close to and someone who can talk you out of your self-doubt and boost your confidence levels. Choose this person wisely, they have a whole lot of command on how you feel after the conversation. And you only want to feel GOOD.

Don’t compare.

A lot of self doubt rises when you compare yourself with others, most likely ahead of you.
Remember, whoever you are comparing yourself to, what you don’t see are the failures, the hardships, the depression they had to go through as well when they were where you are right now. So don’t let the comparison get to your head and your confidence.
Instead, use it as inspiration. See it as a goal that you need to achieve as well. Positive perspective is the key, my friends.

Care less.

There is one thing you need to get straight. People. Don’t. care.
They will talk about you for 2 days and then you will be old news. Forget about what they are going to say if you do something out of the box or mess something up.
The lesser you care, the more focused you are.

Always have room for improvement.

Everyone does. But those who see it, are the ones that reach higher levels of success. Don’t doubt yourself because you are standing at the bottom, just keep climbing the mountain and you will always feel like you are getting farther and farther. I hope you see what I mean here.
Just keep improving your skills. Give yourself no time to doubt yourself.

 Surround yourself with positivity

Your room, your house, your Instagram feed, everything should give you only motivation and positive vibes. Inspiration is all you need all around you. Make no room for anything less than the best for yourself.

Add these rules and tricks into your life and you will see a great difference in your confidence levels. I know I did. Best of luck ya’ll !