Fearful or Thinkful – You Decide By Amy Goldberg

As we continue to experience COVID-19 we may be finding that the weeks turning into months may be taking its toll. Taking its toll both emotionally and physically.

As we dive into what’s going on, trying to navigate the bombardment of information both true and false, our emotions may be firing on all cylinders, all the while having to deal with a new reality, one that may seem surreal to many. Not to mention that this too could perhaps find many paralyzed in one’s thinking as one succumbs to fear. In that case, rational and strategic thinking doesn’t stand a chance. 

If I may, I’d like to offer another perspective. How about shifting Fearful to Thinkful. How about changing the conversations that we’re having with ourselves to one’s that will serve us more optimistically? 

If we are to embrace this shift in thinking, then how exactly do we do this when we’re having a hell of a time trying to calm and/or quiet the noise in our minds? Plus, the fact that we’re struggling to see straight as we envision this virus flying at us.

Our minds are a beautiful thing, until they’re not. Unless we master our thoughts in a way that will best serve us, then we are slaves to the thoughts that pop in. To this point, the kind of thoughts that we have play a significant role at an energetic level both positively and negatively, depending upon those thoughts. Hence the reason why our thoughts manifest themselves physically.

We can waste an awful lot of energy resisting what has already happened, and for that matter what hasn’t yet happened. How we deal with our energy flow has a major effect on our lives.

Here’s where we can start to decide that rather than get sucked into the abyss of fear, we emerge on the other side to reach thinkful. We start to consider that we do have choices and that the choices that we’re going to make are to bet on ourselves. To trust that we’re going to be ok. It is futile to allow fearful responses to take over. If we allow this, then we are giving permission for this to happen.

Given all that has transpired, now is the time to create rather than destroy, and by that, I mean, and I quote Napoleon Hill; “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” And we can’t be open to the possibilities in the face of fear.

Consider this, start navigating your own mind. Get in touch with yourself and your incredible strength and resiliency. Start to master your thoughts in a way that will prove more productive to you.

It starts by changing the narrative to replace being Fearful with Thinkful.