Best Skincare Tips for your 30’s by Aparna Chaturvedi

The global skincare market is set to be worth $135 Billion by 2021. Skincare industry has rapidly grown over the years due to the conscious shift towards skincare and self-care. But, as Aparna explores there are ways you can protect your skin and your wallet using ingrediants available in your home. After all, homemade has little to no chemicals. Keep reading to find out more

Skincare ingredients every kitchen has:

What is that one thing you would like to advise your younger self? Well if you ask me, my answer would be “Stick to the roots”. Trust me when I say that, the more natural you stay, the better your after results will be. As you grow older your skin gets dry, you get early pigmentation, and the list goes on. Well no, I am not trying to scare you ladies, but the fact remains that age is not just a number when it comes to your skin. Who doesn’t want to look young forever? I am sure we all do. Where that is not something nature commits to, but yes these few tips, no matter what age, will help you overcome issues related to your skin.

No you don’t need to throw away your hard-earned money by getting rid of the products, but just go into your kitchen and prepare this magical potion, which will be one step forward in solving some basic skin problems.

1) Early pigmentation

Mix some milk, honey, and saffron, and apply on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes, wash it with plain water. Try doing this at least 2 times a week. You can always continue applying this, as all are natural ingredients and have no harm or side effects.

Milk has lactic acid which helps peel off the dirt layer of the skin over a period of time which leaves you with baby soft skin. Honey is a great moisturizing agent, which keeps your skin soft and supple. And my favorite, saffron, which is a natural antiseptic agent that helps in diminishing the pigmentation. If you have oily skins then switch milk with rose water.

2) Daily skin cleansing:

I stopped using soap or any face wash a few months ago. I know it sounds unrealistic but yes I did. Instead, I now wash or say cleanse my face with the most ancient grandma’s recipe that is UPTAN. Uptan is made mixing 5 basic retains that are besan, turmeric, sandalwood powder, Milk and rosewater. You can use coconut, almond or cow’s milk. In cases of oily skin just skip it. I make this paste in batches for 3 days, store it in the fridge, and use it first thing in the morning every single day. The result is flawless skin every single day without spending on a salon or expensive products. My humble suggestion would that make this your permanent beauty regimen.

Aparna Chaturvedi

3) Coconut Water & Oil:

Believe it or not, coconut is definitely a miracle ingredient. Have difficulty opening your eyes in the morning? Just splash some coconut water on your face and if left with any just drink it too. I have tried it myself and it works wonderfully. And coconut oil makes a very effective moisturizer also it can heal sudden skin rashes and allergies caused by waxing. I can imagine seeing many of your hands up along with me.

4) Tomato:

one of my favorite ingredients in the kitchen. I guess this fruit is the most underrated one for the fact it can do wonders to your skin. This one ingredient is the answer for all your skin related problems, well at least most of them. It is excellent for acne, mix it with sugar and it makes an amazing scrub, with curd it helps you ease sunburn. Mix it with honey for glowing skin, mix it with cucumber for oil control, mix it with lemon to close open large pores and the list goes on. Tomato is rich in potassium and vitamin C, which helps in restoring the skin glow. Honestly, the list is quite long to prove the magic a tomato can do other than just being cooked.

5) Adult Acne and Old Scars:

Banana peel is an excellent answer for this. Just rub the banana peel at least 2 to 3 times a day for 30 minutes, and in just a few days you will see the results. Not only that, it also helps diminish the old acne marks. In fact, it can also be used for skin tags, fine lines, and wrinkles. Banana peel is full of potassium and antioxidant properties. So next time don’t throw the banana peel instead rub it on your face.

There are many such kitchen recipes for skin care but the above 5 are my most favourite ones. They are tried and tested and have caused me -no side effects or harm. Do try them and let me know your results.

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