Water Crisis in India with Aishanee Pattnaik

t’s no secret that India’s current water crisis is not just matter of concern owing to a climate change emergency but also to mis-management and mis-allocation of water. As responsible citizens, it is important for us to realize the implications of such frivolous and in regulated use of water resources. Scarcity of water is not a thing of the future anymore, but at matter of immediate emergency!

I have started a petition to the Ministry of Jal Shakti to address the water crisis and take steps to ensure that water management and regulation is put into full effect. It is true that taking steps towards climate and water management might hamper the economic expansion and extension but it has now become a matter of prioritising the need of the hour.


There are certain measures and strategies that we can suggest for the same, including but not restricted to:

  • Rich & powerful should not unlimited access to water even if they are willing to pay. Water distribution to affluent colony should be rationed.
  • Every school, office building, residential colony which have a decent catchment area should be mandated to have a water harvesting design.
  • Government should minimise subsidy to rich farmers who cultivate cash crops like sugar cane and rice which require litres of water.
  • Use of technology in urinals to absorb smell and residue without using water etc.

Meghalya has already passed a bill to regulate water in its state and it is time that the rest of the country follows suit with specific laws to address out water crisis.

We asked Aishnee about her Motivation

My motivation to start this petition however, was instigated by the acute water crisis we face, as residents of big Indian cities. People have to stand in lines to refill tanks of water but then the roads are washed using the same water. The use of water is unregulated by the government, not correctly segregated for commercial use. I started this petition to spread awareness and get people around me think about this issue. I am currently part of the sports fest of my college, Vajra’19 using it as a platform to fight for water crisis and enviormental concerns.