Blog Chica’s 5 Thailand Travel Destinations

Let’s start with tickling your mind a bit here. What are the destinations that come to your mind when we speak of Thailand?

I know, what’s the majority answer but I shall come back to that later. First, I want to introduce you to few best places to visit in Thailand. Read on and see if there was something new for you in this article.

Thailand has it all – From glittering temples, vibrant markets, yummy street foods, tropical beaches, exciting night life, swanky rooftop bars and much more. Without any further Ado, I will directly go to the destinations that are must visit in Thailand.


We say ‘Islands’ as plural here because Phi Phi Islands are a cluster of Islands in Thailand. Major and the largest one being, ‘Phi Phi Don’. You can even stay at one of the hotels on this island unlike other islands where you can only take a day trip

To name a few more which you shouldn’t miss while you are here:

  • Maya Bay in Phi Phi Leh –The world famous location of the film ‘The Beach
  • Viking Cave –Definitely worth for your poster picture. You can get your hands on kayaking, snorkelling and scuba diving as well. Having perfect balance between crazy parties, lay back chilled out beaches. which are surrounded by gigantic limestone cliffs and coral reefs, these islands are sure to give your pictures a hashtag ‘#k


Classic gulf island in Thailand, a lot of people who have heard about this island have probably heard about its famous full moon parties. But this gulf isle has much more to offer i.e. Turquoise water, lush jungles and divine beaches. This island is well developed, catering to party-goers, beach bums and active adventurers in equal measure.

You can also visit KO SAMUI and KO TAO in the same gulf coast.


Now that I have told you about few must visit islands, let’s come to the place from where traveling to those islands get easier. So Phuket as well as krabi are the cities that serve the purpose and are worth visiting.

Phuket which is popular for its fine white sand beaches, palm trees, glittering seas and lively towns is one of the finest beach destinations.

Apart from beaches, you can also visit Phuket old town for heritage buildings or check out some of the Phuket’s great view points, not to forget The Big Buddha and Bangla Road Nightlife.

Similarly, Krabi is worth exploring as well. It offers plenty of land and water activities, excellent choice of dining and nightlife and is only a few hours drive from Phuket.


This city in mountainous northern Thailand, offers treks into nearby mountains for visit to temples if you are interested.

You must visit the Old City that hosts the best temples, museums and other interesting sites.

Also, you can visit Night Safari, Elephant Sanctuary, National Park, and Doi Suthep(a holy place) to experience some special magic.


Last but not the least, everyone’s favourite, and majority answer that we spoke about in the beginning of this article. Yes! I wanted to add this in my list because even though it may be common amongst tourists, Bangkok can never be enough.

A city so playful, you would want to go back again and again.

Do not miss any of the below while in bangkok :

  • Authentic Thai food
  • Bangkok street food
  • Night markets
  • Street bars
  • Roof top bars
  • Khan San Road
  • Grand Palace
  • Wat Arun
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market
  • Asiatique Riverfront
  • Ah! Their relaxing foot massages.

Now that I have relived my memories talking about these amazing destinations with you, I can’t wait to jump on a flight. We hope you enjoyed these Thailand Travel Destinations, please be sure to comment below if you too enjoy Thailand