Boris Gomes explains What is a company culture strategist?

What is a company culture strategist

As leaders we only look at employees from the point of view of their contribution from a 2 dimensional filter. What I believe is that an employee has many sides to him/her.

Company culture strategy: Employee dimensions

The level of each employee is affected by the following 3 aspects:

Company culture strategy: Employee influencers

What does a Culture strategist really do?

A company culture strategist analyses these 3:

Company culture strategy: Employee personal life
Company culture strategy: Individual employee mindset
Company culture strategy:Culture tokens

Every culture is made of tokens that establish the way a company behaves.

A culture strategist analyses these tokens in your company by speaking to the people in your company, observing the motion in the space, understanding the ecosystem, the personalities, the group dynamics and everyday rituals.

After which he/she identifies the barriers and enablers within these tokens of culture, and decides on the things you need to edit, keep, and delete..

Company culture strategy: Culture segregation

How will this help a company?

1.   It will increase the per employee performance and productivity levels.

2.   Decrease any kinds of waste (time, mind and space).

3.   Decrease employee turnover.

4.   Increase team chemistry.

5.   Make the company desirable as a place to work at.

6.   Increase online mentions of the company culture.

7.   Increase the happiness quotient of the company.

8.   Decrease employee stress levels.

9.   Create informal cultural tokens that sustain itself.

10.  Empower certain wavemakers.

How long will this take?

It is a 14 day exercise, at the end of which a team of wavemakers will be enabled to take this forward with a quarterly plan to deploy the cultural framework.

What kind of companies can use this?

Any company, organisation, store, factory, or NGO that has more than 3 employees can and should use this.

What is the ROI on this activity?

Depends on how much you are already spending as a company on employee turnover, new employee training, and facing deficit due to low productivity levels of employees, wastage of time due to conflicts and processes etc.

How do we measure the success?

Before we start this exercise we will establish the base level on a scale of 1-10 of where we are at, when it comes to:

  • Employee performance level
  • Team productivity level
  • Employee turnover
  • Company loyalty level
  • Team chemistry level
  • Going the extra mile level
  • Employee happiness levels
  • Desirable place to work at level

Do i really need a co. culture strategist?

If every employee in your company is functioning at their 100%, and you believe that everybody in your company has strong chemistry, these processes are only helping the growth of your company and everybody is happy and excited to come to work every day, then NO, maybe you don’t.

Who can become a co. culture strategist?

I believe a person with the following abilities:

1.   Someone with a strong understanding on human behaviour patterns and psychology.

2.   Someone who has an understanding of different kinds of work environments and can adapt and personalise his/her thought process according to every company they work with.

3.   Someone who has built teams and businesses in the past.

4.   Someone who is young and understands that audience, but at the same time has worked very closely with the baby boomers at the same level as them.

5.   Someone who has an eye for observing minute things that most people would miss.

6.   Someone who has a basic understanding of management principles.

7.   Someone who understands system design.

8.   Someone who has designed user experiences and understands the principles that govern any human experience.

9.   Anyone who has studied thoroughly the world of productivity and culture.

Company culture strategy: books
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