Animal Farm by Ravneet Sangha

I had the funniest visitors yesterday; they had come to render a protest against the slandering and the manhandling and insult done against their name. The fishes were in a protest and so were the hens and cats. They were really upset as they felt insulted over the falling standards of the politicians. There were a general discontentment and unrest as they put across their points to me. They said that when people came into the fish markets, the open air ones; they usually spoke in loud voices, haggled over the prices and generally bought the fish after a lot of discussions. The hens and cats said that whenever there was a catfight they were to be blamed but that was justified as they all adhered to a moral code and unwritten laws.

However, the Indian Netaji had just gone shriller and had lost all semblance of moral code or decorum. They just used to shout at the top of their voices and the subjects were eating bizarre. From discussing the colour of the underwear to what they had for dinner with the Britishers; to the weirdest accusations of who had more personal Jewellery and who didn’t.

Wasn’t it all about development and what has been done in the constituency rather than making personal remarks on the candidate? Every day they lamented they were being insulted as they were being used for comparisons; were as they were gentle animals.

In fact, the excuse was that they spoke in the heat of the moment. What is the temperature like when they are speaking? They always have those standing air conditioners on the stage when they are speaking, how do grown up men get agitated? We’ve had a hua toh hua, who was so nonchalant about the biggest genocide in Indian history where more than 3000 Sikhs were killed as a pogrom. And then instead of apologising he fumbles more.

We have the latest where the ruling party is called Kala Angrez.
Nothing deters them, they get banned, gagged, and stopped their campaigning but they are as stubborn as the bull in the middle of the road who will not budge or be pushed away.

I have promised to take up their case against the netas but how can I as I am a mere woman and the remarks are getting sexist too under the blessings of his captain.

Till I could find a solution my maid gave me a straight answer, she said earlier the only source of entertainment was the bhands ( village fools who would use crude humour to drive the point home ) and now the cudgel was taken up by the neta! I was dumbstruck.