Change is the only constant by Jagdeep Kaur

Hey, let’s talk about something that is believed to be the most difficult to do – breaking through our own lesser self. 

So what is this Lesser self? 

It is nothing but our own negative tendencies – getting easily defeated/influenced by your environment, feeling hopeless, taking decisions based on limited wisdom, lack of courage, not being able to believe in yourself and so on. Your lesser self will always try to stop you from moving ahead. 

I was speaking to one of my friends recently and she rightly said that we are all conditioned to live in a certain way and I couldn’t agree more. Something I haven’t seen happening around me naturally would seem wrong to me. I would be scared to do it thinking what would others say or think about me. But Why does that even matter? Why should our actions be influenced by others opinions? Others cannot define YOU or YOUR LIFE. 

I understand we all have grown up looking at others and their actions, hence it has become our nature too or we can say our belief system. 

But does this mean that what we believe in or our belief system is always correct? The answer is NO.. As human beings, it is difficult to adopt change but we mustn’t forget that “Change is the only constant”. Everything in this world is meant to go through transformation including us. We need to evolve with time not just professionally but personally too (as a human being). The person who refuses to change with changing times will always be left behind. It is like going against the Universal Law. 

Professionally, it is very easy to upscale ourselves but it’s not the case when talking about changing our core. And believe me, nobody can ever tell you what you need to change, you need to find it for yourself. Talk to your own self each day, analyse your goods and bads. We all have that 1 evil within our lives which only we are aware of and it continues to hamper our growth. It could be laziness, anger, ego, greed etc. Identify it and work on it. Once you defeat this evil within, you will see your life changing. Try it out!  

The time has come for us to break through this chain. Stand up for what you feel is right. Challenge conventional thinking. Now is the time. Choose your path. Choose your happiness.