Peak Performance Coach Arfeen Khan tells us how to be sure of what you want and make the right choices?

The quality of your life depends on the choices you make, and your choices depend on how clear you are about what you want in life. That’s a bit of a challenge because we have never been bought up to make choices, and most people don’t even think about what they want. 

Over the last 25 years, I have worked with hundreds of thousands of people. I have clearly seen that people who have clarity make choices effortlessly and have a wonderful life and people who make choices and go through trial and error to get clarity and end up wounded mentally and in some cases physically.   

People come up to me all the time asking me how they can make better decisions and end up asking them “what do you want ?” they often will reply with,” depends what I get”. It’s like trying to fix your knee when the problem is in your back.

So let’s start with how to get clarity and focus, and then we can work on how to make great decisions. 

Being clear requires both heart and mind. Heart to have enthusiasm and mind to plan. Most people never even think about their future and often ignore it because of a fear of failure. Planning what you want does not mean that it’s written in stone, it’s planning to keep you on track.

Here are four steps to get clarity and know what you want.

What makes me feel happy

Remember this is a process, and like a sculpture takes time to form your mind will go through the same process as long as you sculpt well.

Happiness is a prerequisite of success; the happier you are, the more successful you will be. And true happiness comes from being clear. Here are a few questions to ask in step one.

1. What do I want? What makes me happy? What do I love doing? What would I do even if I was not paid? 

2. The second step is to clear the negative codes or what I call the N-Codes. The brain plays games to protect you, so when you think of doing something, it will create reasons why you should not. It does this to protect you. The best thing to do is to clear out these N-codes by facing them. ask the following questions

When I think of doing what I really want, what negative thoughts come to my mind? are they character N-Code or a Skill N-code? If it’s a skill? how can I learn it? , if it’s a character N-code, e.g. lack of confidence, what do I need to do to make me believe I can do what I have set out?

The Hack

The fastest way to achieve success is the power of association. Think about the people you hang out with? The people you meet every day? Are they all part of your journey to success, or are they “survivors” on your survival journey. An army is more powerful than a single person; the same is true for success. The people around you can help give you clarity, pick you up when down and find resources or can drain you, crush your dreams and convince you that success is only for the few.

Decisions???? When you clear all your decision making is geared towards what you want. This makes your decision outcome-based and not trail error based. People with defined outcomes always make a better decision than those who firefight throughout their life. Clarity is a mirror to the truth and the guide on your journey to success.

Who else around me is part of my mastermind