Driving Innovation and Determination: moha: Stand On Your Feet 2023 Celebrates Women’s Entrepreneurship

Building on the success, moha:’s Stand on Your Feet campaign offers transformative opportunities and mentorship to aspiring women entrepreneurs

Stand On Your Feet, a remarkable initiative proudly championed by moha:, is dedicated to providing a significant platform for women entrepreneurs to showcase their unwavering talent, boundless determination, and innovative prowess.

At the helm of this initiative is Dr. Ram H. Shroff, Director of Charak Pharma, who passionately states, “moha: Stand On Your Feet was conceptualised and executed successfully last year. Now, we are thrilled to announce its triumphant return for the second year in a row. Our sole mission is to empower women to attain financial independence because we firmly believe that true independence is achieved when a woman has control over her financial future.”

On the 2nd of November, 2023, moha: reached a pinnacle of success as it concluded the grand finale of “moha: Foot Care – Stand On Your Feet.” This event was nothing short of an extraordinary achievement, with an overwhelming response from the public, garnering an impressive 1500 entries. The quality and diversity of these entries were simply remarkable, serving as a testament to the immense talent and dedication of the participants.

Selecting the Top 10 finalists from such a vast pool of exceptional talent was no easy feat. These ambitious women underwent rigorous Question & Answer sessions with our esteemed judging panel, which comprised industry luminaries such as Ms. Sussanne Khan, Creative Director & Founder of The Charcoal Project; Ms. Divya Dutta, an accomplished Actor, Poet, and Author; and Ms. Manya Singh, Former Femina Miss India – 2020.

The judges faced an arduous task, but after much contemplation and scrutiny, they declared the top 3 winners and 1 constellation prize, who truly stood out for their exceptional skills and creativity in their respective fields. These three remarkable individuals have undoubtedly earned their place in the spotlight and are a testament to the power of women’s determination and innovation.

moha: continues to be at the forefront of promoting women empowerment and providing a platform for women to thrive and succeed in a world where financial independence is a vital stepping stone to true freedom. The success of “moha: Foot Care – Stand On Your Feet” is a testament to the commitment of moha: and Charak Pharma in fostering this essential cause.

About moha: 

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