An Exclusive Heart-to-Heart with Aditya Seal & Anushka Ranjan

One of the lovely couples of Bollywood, actors Aditya Seal and Anushka Ranjan got married to each other in November with close friends and family in attendance. If their wedding was so dreamy, their first encounter is just like a true blue Bollywood film. While Anushka mentioned that she saw him for the first time on Instagram, Aditya Seal mentioned that he met her during a fashion show and said they were inseparable throughout the meeting.

In an exclusive chat, Anushka told us, “I think my sparks flew when I saw him the first time in the photos on Instagram. That time you know who you’re following and what they are doing, so I love what people are upto,” adding that she saw one of her friends liking all random guys photos. There she also noticed that her friend has liked a photo of Aditya Seal and was upset as she thought her friend is stalking him. She even thought that it can’t happen as she found Seal too cute. “As I saw her liking the pictures and then I saw his pictures and I was ‘OMG, he is so cute,’ who is this boy and so I started stalking him for a bit and he has these shirtless pictures, eating a pizza. And I was like ‘yaar this is amazing.’ I think that was my first encounter with him,” Anushka added.

When asked about his first meeting with Anushka, The Student Of The Year 2 actor mentioned that his first encounter happened during an NGO Fashion show where he was invited by their common friend, adding that it was their friend who got them together. Later, Anushka narrated the incident and said, “I was really trying to meet him so I was doing the whole thing like usually, my mum supervises everything but this time, she said that ‘you handle everything.’ So, I actually messaged ‘a’ co-star of his who I won’t mention, I messaged the person saying, ‘I want you to invite you for the event, hoping that they would reply, I was like ‘aree call Aditya Seal also.‘” However, the Wedding Pullav actress mentioned that the person never responded to her message and she got upset, 2 days later, their common friend messaged that Aditya Seal is confirmed to come for the message. Anushka thought it was just meant to be.

Then Seal continued the story saying that he reached and did not rehearse anything for the show. In fact, he got his costumes just before the show. He recalled that when he reached the place, he saw Anushka sitting with a bunch of girls. Anushka then interrupted and recalled that she thought Aditya Narayan came to meet her for the costume fittings but when she saw he was Aditya Seal, she was all awkward.

I got in early to have my costumes trial and I see her with a bunch of two-three people and she introduced me. She then told me that ‘this is going to be the outfit, why don’t you try it.’ I’ve gone and tried my outfit and come out and I felt that this girl is really really cool and thought that main yaha thoda door rehta hoon as I don’t have too much of conversation as I’m very reserved while speaking. After I came out, she asked me ‘what do you feel?’ and I said, ‘if this is good for you, it is good for me’ because I didn’t want to have these long conversations and she thought that I was throwing a lot of attitudes.”

Later, Anushka added that she felt he was arrogant and had that typical actor behaviour. When asked if that conversation ended there, to which Aditya mentioned that they were inseparable throughout the event and chatted a lot. He even mentioned that this was going on for 4 months where she was talking and he was listening.

Furter, the Indoo Ki Jawaani actor even revealed that it was him who made the first move.