10 things we wish we knew before Bullet Journalling

Before you start bullet journalling read this article

Bullet Journals are a great productivity tool. But, sometimes its easy to get caught up inthe awesome but time consuming layouts. Here are the top things we wish we knew before Bullet Journalling

  1.  Keep layouts simple but pretty, especially if you let perfectionism get the better of you.
  2. Invest in stencils, and stickers they are a god sent to get the perfect bullet journal.
  3. Try Digital Bullet journalling, there a tonne of printables you can use from Pinterest or we particularly like this website.
  4. Habit Trackers are great if you want to make sure you achieve your goals. Use a simple box markers to avoid time consuming layouts.
  5. If you make a mistake, fret not you can easily correct this by either sticking a page or a sticky note
  6. Don’t go over the top and let perfectionism get the better off you
  7. Don’t let Youtube make you feel like you have to be super creative to start a bullet journal.
  8. Write nice quotes of pages to keep you motivated throughout the year
  9. Erasable Gel Pens are your friend.
  10. Don’t decide everything at the start as you may not stick with it. Let it all flow a bit more organically.

If you would like our weekly spread here is a link to a downloadable sheet, we stick by every week. Make it your own and share with us on Instagram

We hope you enjoyed this article on things we wish we knew before Bullet Journalling

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