Feel Good Friday with Hollywood Screenwriter Vidhya Iyer

Vidhya was born and raised in Nigeria to Indian parents. At the age of 12, Vidhya moved to Chennai, India for her education. She was shuttling between different cities long before she became a professional screenwriter in Hollywood. Armed with a degree in computer science, Vidhya went ahead to study screenwriting at American Film Institute Conservatory (AFI) that gave her a sense of writing and filmmaking. She’s now a professional Screenwriter in Hollywood working on both Television Shows and Movies.


What is your plan for the weekend?

Going to deep clean my apartment and organize the closets. I’ve been writing and working a lot lately even over the weekends so I’m trying to make sure to take a break every week and do something for myself. Take the time to be away from a screen or computer and do something physical. I’m also going to workout. I’m hoping if I say it in this article I will actually do it, haha.

What are three things you are most grateful for this Friday?

a. I’m grateful for good weather
b. The new mattress topper I got that makes my bed so much comfier
c. My roommate and my boyfriend who have made this pandemic so much more bearable

What song are you enjoying the week?

Mazhayin Saralil by Shweta Mohan – the weather has been a bit dreary and rainy and I I have a whole Tamil Rain songs playlist on Spotify but that song is on repeat

What’s your weekend morning routine?

I try to take it easy on the weekends if I’m not working. Get up a bit later, drink some chai and watch the new episode of Shark Tank on Hulu. I try to listen to music and do some cleaning. Sometimes I’ll go on social distance walks with a friend.

What does weekend self-care look like for you?

It’s something I’m still striving to figure out. I’m teaching a writing class with Sundance starting this Saturday so it’s going to be busy for the next couple of months, but self-care usually looks like me taking some time to do nothing and definitely no work. I’ve been focussed on de-cluttering the apartment a lot lately and that feels like the most self-care in a pandemic. Feeling the space open up and having only essentials that are neatly organized is so refreshing.

What’s your must-have beauty product?

Sunscreen! I use Fenty sunscreen when I run out of my go to Lakme sunscreen from home.

What facemask do you absolutely love?

I wish I had an answer – I’m not a facemask person really I use some charcoal facemask thing I got free as a sample with something else once in a while, lol

TV show you are currently enjoying?

Ted Lasso on Apple TV+. It’s warm, funny, optimistic and funny. It’s a show that’s funny TWICE. And I love shows where the humor isn’t at the expense of anyone or isn’t mean spirited and Ted Lasso does that.

Are you a Tea or Coffee Person?

ONLY TEA! I drink Ahmad tea here and Taj of course. Chai all day everyday 3-6 cups. I’m trying to cut back on caffeine, but I cannot do coffee unless it’s Madras filter coffee, but even that only occasionally.

What’s your favourite comfort food?

Pasta! Red sauce any kind! I could eat pasta all-day everyday and I even had some for breakfast yesterday.

What is the funniest thing you have read about yourself on the internet?

Vidya Vox and I always get mixed up on the internet and it’s very funny to read an article saying that I am a good singer because… I am not.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I don’t love calling anything a guilty pleasure – you either like something or you don’t in my opinion, whatever your reasons might be. I have been watching a lot of competition reality TV including the glass blowing show on Netflix ‘Blown Away’ as well as Survivor. It’s kinda mindless an entertaining,

Your favourite quote?

Laughter is like changing a baby’s diaper. It doesn’t permanently solve anything, but it does make things more bearable for a while.

What’s your spirit animal?

I recently learned that the term spirit animal is offensive to use unless you are a Native American or Indigenous person since it is sacred to them. I do really have a weird obsession with snakes though and crocodiles. I used to love going to the Guindy snake park with my dad and I still go there with my niece now.

What advice do you have for any kid who looks up to you?

The same advice I keep giving myself- try not to take life too seriously.