Feel Good Friday with Sejal Kumar

Youtube sensation Sejal Kumar is one name everyone reckons with. Kumar started her YouTube channel in 2014, inspired by an American YouTuber and is now inspiring every Millienial out there. She also released her first original song Aisi Hun in the project Creators for Change. She tells us how she plans on spending the weekend, her must have beauty product and much more!

What is your plan for the weekend? 

I am shooting an amazing, huge-huge special project this Sunday, so that’s going to be super exciting. I’ve been planning for that for a while. It’s for my next original song.

What are three things you are most grateful for this Friday?

I am grateful that I have a million things to do, I’m really grateful that I have a lot of work even during a pandemic, and also that I’m not feeling extremely overwhelmed and stressed out by it, I’m able to handle it.

What song are you enjoying the week?

This is a little old track, ‘Khamoshiyan’ by Arijit Singh. 

What’s your weekend morning routine?

It’s the usual, for creators it really doesn’t matter what day of the week it is. So I wake up around 8:00-9:00ish, I chill in the morning a bit. Then I get up and I see whatever work I want to do. But I don’t really have a particular morning routine.

What does weekend self-care look like for you?

I take out a little bit more time to relax, mentally and that’s really important to me. I’ll probably meditate, stay off Instagram and spend time doing things that make me happy!

What’s your must-have beauty product?

Water! Honestly, I drink a lot of water these days and it really shows on my skin.

What facemask do you absolutely love?

There are a few that I really, really like. But to be honest, natural homemade face masks work wonders for me!

TV show you are currently enjoying?

Friends season 10. I re-watched the entire damn thing and I recently finished season 10, so I’m sad right now as it’s over, but I love that show.

Are you a Tea or Coffee Person?

Coffee I’ve been loving homemade cold coffee these days

What’s your favourite comfort food?

Rajma Chawal, hands down! My mom makes the best Rajma Chawal

What is the funniest thing you have read about yourself on the internet?

People discussing if I’m relevant or overrated. But the nice thing is that my viewers and people who like my stuff, they come and defend me and it makes me feel really grateful.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Oh, my God. Trashy, cringy shows like Indian Matchmaking and Skulls and Roses. I am a firm believer in healthy cringe.

Your favourite quote?

“Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

What’s your spirit animal?

A dog, at least I wish! I want to express my affection to people just like them 😛 

Where are you going on vacation when the pandemic is over?

Amsterdam! I had tickets booked for the 20th of March with my visa and everything done. But, I had to cancel it. So I still have my visa validity left. I can’t wait to go when I finally can.

What advice do you have for any kid who looks up to you?

Start believing in yourself from the beginning. I wish I would have done that too, I wish someone would have told me that, people are going to challenge your belief in yourself many times as you grow up further and as you become more successful. But if you practice doing that from the very first day of your journey, it’s going to pay off and how.