Fizza’s Guide to Bag Essentials

Ever wanted to go out on a short day trip to the local park or to catch a day time movie and struggled with shoving everything you might need when you’re out in 40 degrees into your bag? We know. We’ve all been there.

Today, we’ll talk about 10 essential products that you can put in your bag on a hot day and head out, carefree.


Never leave the house without it. Sunscreens tend to break apart after a few hours of sun exposure, so keeping it in your bag for re-application is very necessary. Also, your sunscreen covers all of your face, except the lips. Don’t forget about them. Keep an SPF lip balm on you at all times.

Compact Powder

Imagine you walking around in the mall or in the park and you see your crush walking around, looking like a million bucks while your face looks like you have an oil factory inside of you. Your makeup separating, with sweat and oils leaking through, your face shining brighter than your future. We don’t want that to happen, right? Keep a compact powder in your bag for quick fixes. Powder tends to absorb the oils on your face and keeps your makeup set and matte.


If you are out and your plans get fancier, always have a multipurpose makeup product in your bag. Such as, a tint. Tints can act as both, blush and lip colours. Pull it out, apply and voila! You’re even more fabulous,

Oil Absorbent Sheets

This product comes in handy ALL. THE. TIME. If you don’t want to risk caking up your face, or you forgot your compact powder, or you don’t want to put anything on your face whatsoever, oil absorbent sheets will be your best friend. 


I know you always put your deodorant on when you leave the house, but hey! No one ever knows how sweaty they’re going to get and who they’re going to have to hug. Better safe than sorry!Pro-tip: you know those little tester perfume bottles/ samples you get? Yeah, they’re great for the smallest hand bags that won’t fit your travel size perfumes. You’re welcome.


Because, duh!Hot or cold, keep a sanitizer on you at all times. No one likes germs.

Facial wipes

This heat brings sweat, humidity and, occasionally, a lot of dust. If you can’t find a good spot to wash your face, always keep facial wipes in your bag to clear up your skin from the impurities and the sweat. Also, facial wipes come in handy when you spill something, or have to wipe your hands clean or when you don’t have tissues. 


Less for the style, more for the sun. We can use all the protection we can get from those UV rays, right?

Hair ties

All my girls who like to flaunt their locks in the sun, you might want to keep these in your bag for when it gets 45 degrees behind your neck.   

Water Bottle

Do I even need to explain this one? Stay hydrated, lovelies! Hydration is the key! Opt or a steel

There! Those are your 10 essential items to put in your hand bag so when there’s a plan, you can grab your handbag and rush out, all ready for everything that comes your way!

Did we miss anything? What are your hot day bag essentials?