How do you drive Happiness? ~ Jyoti Kerkar

We live in a busy world with emails and texts flying around, as you step around your children’s toys, towels and are coaxing your 4-year-old to eat and desperately look at the food getting cold on the table, or you are working on a Global report which needs to reach San Francisco early morning and you are burning the midnight lamp, and longingly think wish you get to see your eleven-year-old boys football game. We live in a capsule where the outside energies drive us and one day suddenly we wake up thinking where has the time flown, where are the kids now, why can I not jog without a creek in my bone. Why am I not happy, or why can’t I remember the last time I was happy? 

We wake up during the autumn of our life. Do you agree this should stop and we should lead a wholesome life? 

It should be a conscious effort from us, below are a few points to direct you to it.

Let Happiness be the first thing you emotionally choose 

When you wake up every morning, a simple ritual, keep things around you that make you happy, the minute you open your eyes, I have my children’s 3-5 years’ picture, they look back at the camera with an innocent toothless grin, that surely gets a smile to my face. Similarly make the space where you stay an abode of personal things, not necessarily expensive but something which has a memory attached to. 

Appreciate the small moments 

We always are waiting for big things to happen, as we focus on the day you would travel the world, own a BMW or dine with a celebrity am not saying it’s impossible but you miss on the moment, you lost the thought, when you came home your kid ran to give you a glass of water, you had seen a rainbow when caught in a traffic jam, or someone offered you a seat in a bus, your partner made you breakfast and a warm cup of tea in bed. There are so many innumerable moments you can count and write in your gratitude book. I do, makes you smile and heart melt when you read them a few years later.

Practice Self-Love 

This especially applies to the women on this globe, it’s not addressed to a particular religion, country, city or village. We are conditioned by birth to sacrifice, here am not talking of gender discrepancy, but we, women, seem to put everything we do on the back burner, our own ambitions, likes, the food we like, all are there somewhere on the horizon, don’t feel guilty if you put up your legs and listen to good music or one Sunday declare you not going to cook, or go for a walk all alone. So many things, little but crucial are there for making your soul happy. Self-Love is not Self-admiration

Find a new interest that brings you happiness

The most interesting avenue to explore. Remember as a child you used to make your own dolls? Your friends used to envy you, and you did for them too, later you grew up and life happened. Why not start that on a small scale and expand, technology has helped such works a lot. Just yesterday your neighbours who are girls renting flat together told you that the biryani you send them was awesome, and could you make some tiffin food for them? Yes, you can for a cost. So now you got the hang of it to go ahead do something to make you happy.

Practical Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of purposefully focusing all your attention to the current moment and accepting without judgement. Having said that you need to focus it’s a constant effort, many things you can do create a sacred space where you can retreat and meditate or concentrate, Let go of expectations, difficult agree but not impossible, one thing at a time. Always be kind to yourself, we rarely do. 


Always keep reaching

There is a quote I read, Keep Looking at the stars but keep your feet on the ground. Dream because everything begins with the heart and mind, believe in it. Most important tell it, as most dreamers keep the dreams with themselves and they go nowhere. Brian James is said, “Life is but a dream”. Always keep reaching higher and do better.

These are not the only ways to make yourself happy, as I said happiness is subjective and personal, Life is lived once go ahead dream, live and be happy.


Dream the dreams that you want to go

Happiness is just a balloon that wants to flow

Say the song that rings in your mind, 

the words that bloom in your heart,

You just need to let go and reach 

The stars the moon and even the rainbow

And hold tight with your feet on the ground 

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