Scripting the Story~ Akshata Gaikaiwari

All of us have a story. A journey of dreams, hope, survival and life.A tale which basically tells everyone how did we become what we are today. Our story holds the most real and unadulterated pieces of our heart.

It’s like a diary we wrote every day about what we felt, what we experienced, what we loved and also what couldn’t happen, what couldn’t stay and how we dealt with it, all by ourselves. It is like a secret which we always wanted to tell but at the same time, something holds us back from sharing the vulnerable pieces of our heart’s jigsaw.

But there is a storyteller hidden in every one of us who tries to tell his story to the world, who struggles to be heard!

Sometimes to seek support and sometimes to be proud of the storms he faced. He always wants the world to know, what all has he been through. Good or bad, happy or sad; He wants to express what he felt in each of those moments. And this storyteller resides in everyone, believe me, everyone! Even you and me! We all have him. But the only difference is that some of us give him a chance to voice himself while some of us try to hide him even more. We fear whether the world will give our story the acceptance it deserves or maybe we are not ready to hear judgements about our story from the people who don’t even have a rough idea about how going through it really was! But still, some peculiar souls desperately wish to share, anything and everything that they feel and they have mastered the art of making it manifest so beautifully before the world that people don’t just know their story instead they live it. They connect, they relate to the untold journeys of their beloved storytellers! And surprisingly, this whole process works on the power of a pen! Yes! Our beloved storytellers don’t just tell their story else they script it. They don’t just narrate it rather they write it with an immense hope that someday those drafts, those scripts and those words will escape the last pages of their diary and would be loved and appreciated just the way they do. Believe me, it takes courage to pen down your feelings and if you find comfort in expressing yourself this way, you must go ahead right now.

“A new world is waiting to be explored, just a choice away.”
Choose to write! No one is born a writer! It is more about how you feel and how you put it into words. Emotions that you insert in every line you wrote counts!

Moreover, the world calls these people writers and I call them scribblers who scribble their heart out with a compelling story that everyone wants to read! And who knows if the hidden storyteller in everyone else peeps once again just by reading the script of some scribbler’s story!