How much does Coca-Cola cost around the world?

Warren Buffet once in an interview, stated that the odds of him being born in the US were something like 1:50 in the 1930s. But being born in America to a degree increased the chances of his success.

Much like being born in a country can, to a degree, affect ones chances of success. The price of a coke can demonstrate how standards of living and quality of life between countries vary. We are no economists, but, in countries such as Switzerland where quality of life is one of the best in the world, so too is the price of a coke!

Country330 mlQuality of Life Index
India0.43 $105.86
Pakistan0.27 $105.09
Indonesia0.57 $91.63
Thailand0.65 $101.64
Malaysia0.58 $117.42
Oman0.64 $173.08
Bangladesh0.34 $66.29
Kuwait0.57 $115.14
England1.66 $161.20
Ireland2.02 $150.16
Germany2.67 $177.25
Spain1.96 $167.05
Portugal1.47 $162.46
Greece1.94 $131.51
Bulgaria0.96 $127.14
Hungary1.03 $128.40
Poland1.06 $125.20
US1.88 $169.78
Canada1.65 $158.88
Mexico0.69 $120.65
Panama1.34 $112.01
Brazil0.87 $105.28
Peru0.74 $85.28
Chile1.10 $102.02
Argentina0.90 $114.21
Uruguay1.36 $124.80
Ecuador0.72 $123.09
South Africa0.80 $132.39
Kenya0.57 $66.60
Egypt0.34 $86.78
Morocco0.58 $104.94