DIY Summer Salon with Anchal Morwani from Hot Hair Balloon

If you are missing the salon, here are some tips from Anchal Morwani from Hot Hair Balloon

1. A great tip in killing kinks around the hairline, is to flatten and pin them down when wet. That relaxes the curl pattern. Since your hair mimics the shape of your scalp i.e flat. Giving you straight, heatless kink-free bangs!

2. With curls, they look their best around on the second day post-wash. As the days progress they tend to clump up and form into dreadlocks. A quick hack in refreshing your curls is to detangle them 100 percent – apply a serum and braid it together. Once you open the braid, your curls look fresh and gorgeous once again.

3. When brushing your hair – always start from the bottom and work your way to the top. This helps preventing split ends.

4. When brushing your hair, it’s nicer to use a water based leave-in conditioner or even a serum. This prevents your hair from breaking while detangling.

5. When using a hair mask, leave it on for longer than 3 minutes  – that helps add more hydration to your hair.

6. 80 – 100 strands fall daily. Detangling your hair in the shower with conditioner doesn’t cause hairfall – it simply removes the broken hair that has already fallen and gotten tangled up in your hair from your previous shampoo.