How much (stationery) is enough? ~ Manali Debroy

Fashion – how much is enough?
Happiness – how much is enough?
Money – how much is enough?
Love – how much is enough?
Stationery – how much is enough?

Well, the answers to all of the above are nothing is enough. Yes! You heard it right, even a lot of stationery is never enough. Through the lens of an artist, when you look at the world of stationery – notebooks, pens, journals, pencils, canvas paper, colours and other supplies – they are all precious and can never be enough. Doodle artists who love to doodle on the go, never feel they have enough doodling journals to capture their thoughts. Travel bloggers never feel their journals are enough to lock in all their travel memoirs. And a writer never feels they have enough notebooks, journals or diaries to articulate their thoughts and imagination into stories. Hence, till date Stationery are near and dear friends of artists. If I had to talk on behalf of writers’ club, the magic a pen and a paper creates is far more powerful and lively than the digital era. The characters and a plot that a writer jots down on paper appears to be more real and seems like the plot is playing in front of you. But a Macbook and an iPad fails to create a similar amount of magic. As a writer, I still use a journal to pen down my experiences and also to write my next book. From vintage writers like Rabindranath Tagore to urban writers like Rupi Kaur and Amish Tripathi, I am sure all create their magic likewise.

Nowadays, Stationery have gone beyond paper and pen, and many home décor items have been introduced and reinvented amongst Stationery. This reinvention has given buyers plenty of options to surf through and purchase items for themselves as well as their abode. So, keeping the writers’ magic alive and also keeping in mind the reinvented categories of Stationery, let’s list out eight brands that cater the need of the whole community of writers and buyers who love purchasing beautiful Stationery.

1) Type7

Type7 is a small startup, with the promise of quality and different new products. From planners to calendars to notebooks to pens and other stationery holders, they have an exquisite collection. The quality of papers is top-notch, and they take pride in that. The best part about their notebooks is that the cover has unique quotes, which helps you to relate and chose the notebook that resonates with your personality. I strongly recommend buying the notebooks. They range from INR 300 – INR 800, if you take combo offers.

2) Bigsmall things

They have more significant merchandise than Type7. They have a gift for every occasion and home décor, lifestyle items that are affordable and charming for your space. They have theme based Stationery, which are very catchy – Game of Thrones, Avengers, Batman, Harry Potter, etc. Among all the products, I love the most is their 100 bucket list gift box. Not necessary that this is only to gift others, but you can gift it to the traveller and achiever inside you as well. The gift box contains 1 Notebook, 1 Pen, 1 Bookmark, 1 Ruler and masking tape. Other than this, sticky notes with your favourite character fridge magnets standout as well. I would recommend visiting their website to check out the new and unique collection they have. It is undoubtedly going to enthral you. Their notebooks and journals range from INR 299 – 799 and gift boxes range from INR 1000 – 2000.

3) Doodle collection

They proudly describe themselves as the maker of designer personalized stationery and gift items. They are true to their name, as their notebooks are made for an artist and not just a writer. Sometimes, we like to doodle our imagination, and it is hard to always find a paper fit to draw on an anytime basis. Doodle notebooks are convenient in these cases, where you can carry them with you even when you travel – write and doodle on the go – makes the artist in you content and happy. Apart from theme-based notebooks, they also have an initiative called ‘Character of the day’, where they have different characters like Mickey Mouse, etc. on their notebooks. These kinds of beautiful gesture notebooks, when gifted or even used by ourselves, spread happiness and optimism. Their notebooks range from INR 200 – 800 and there are many other doodle notebooks and Stationery that captivate you. They also have a coupon code strategy, which keeps the users engaged and converts them into returning buyers.

4) Paper design company

Personalized Stationery at best, is what I would like to describe them as. Travel journals, personalized theme based notebooks with your name or any other description you want to inscribe on them, you can expect these and more from this startup. They always run offers; hence, you can grab these personalized notebooks, mini notepads at a slashed price. I really like their market list notepad that acts as a fridge magnet as well. The most obvious use is to list your groceries for the next buy, so you don’t forget them, but it has more than one purpose. I sometimes use it as my shopping list – any items, sometimes as travel destinations list, sometimes as a deadline reminder for my write-ups, or sometimes just putting down quick ideas for my next book – in short, these are convenient magnetic lists which can be used in more than one ways. I strongly recommend this brand for their fantastic paper quality, top-class personalization and the magnetic lists. The magnetic list is available at INR 185 per piece.

5) Papeljam

Adding fun and colour to daily essentials is their motto. And they try to fulfil this in every possible way. They are a small startup that sells Stationery and lifestyle products featuring original hand-painted artwork. They feature a whole lot of stationery – greeting cards, notebooks, notepads, mini folder notebooks, A4 folders, notecard sets, gift tag sets, money envelopes and other stationery gift sets. They also sell hampers for special days like Mother’s day that can pamper your loved ones with different useful items packed in a gift box. Apart from customizing your product, they have also introduced the stick-on patch, which is easy to use – peel and stick the patch. You can use these cool stick-on products on sling bags, laptops, journals, notebooks, etc. I strongly recommend their stick-on products which price somewhere between INR 100 – 150.

6) Somethingsketchy

A small startup with big aspirations and creative products – Somethingsketchy is all about the artist in you. Creativity sits at the core of this startup. The founder herself was a copyrighter, before quitting her job to fuel her aspirations and create somethingsketchy for the artists like her and many in the making as well. All the journals have the cover design with the founder’s illustrations inspired by songs, her own life and travel experiences. Other than creative doodle journals, there are different products like badges, zines, magnet bottle-openers/fridge magnets. I love the part where the fridge magnet can also be used as a bottle opener, when you turn it back. I strongly recommend the journals (my personal favourite is the City love) and fridge magnets.

7) The Posh desk

They are all about cute Stationery – very girlish, posh and glittery. Their products range from pens to sticky notes to notebooks. They have mini-notebooks, and other different kinds of products like journals, sequined notebooks, colourful cable protectors, character-specific keychains, cute bookmarks, pen and pencil pouches, sleeping masks and paper clips. They are very reasonable with notebooks pricing somewhere between INR 200 – 400 and sleeping masks, and other products ranging from INR 100 – 400. If you are a person who loves writing on cute notebooks and love colourful stationeries, then ‘The Posh Desk’ is your stationery destination.

8) Paper crush

A small company with the right mind. They believe that every paper comes with a purpose and hey design them with love and much care. They make customized products like diaries, 3D cards and invites, envelopes, calendars, notebooks, personalized sketchbooks and folders. They are also into digital invites, and you will adore their cute invites and Stationery that cater to the children. Their packaging is elegant, and they take care of their deliveries as much as they take care of creating new products. They have a lot of unique products and subcategories to choose from for special occasions. As they say, they are not just pretty pictures, but they add functionality to paper and help you get organized. So get yourself paper organized with them and till then happy paper crushing!