I am the only reason for my Happiness ~ Prithvika Chetty

I was born in a normative Indian middle-class Family. My life was full of happiness until my teenage years, and then I fell in love with someone who was so caring like my parents and a friend. In this phase, my life was so happy Spending Time with him. And then one day he left me and went far away from me without any reason. That’s when I broke my heart and mentally suffered so much. These things affected my studies and my score became low in the final examination. I wanted to study medicine but the marks I scored weren’t enough to get a medicine seat.

At first, I lost my faith in love and it’s my second time I lost my dream of getting a medical seat. My dream never came true and I stood like a coward.

I couldn’t bear this thing and attempted suicide. It disturbed my siblings a lot and then “I decided to live as a role model for them“. I started regaining my confidence. As per my father’s suggestions, I took English literature before that I analysed my past “No tears left to cry in my eyes” finally get the answers I was still dwelling on the past I want to update myself like a new mobile phone update. So I started changing myself which suits my family. I started to live for my parents’ happiness. I love reading books. So, I concentrated my thoughts on buying new books and then I started telling stories I read from them (books), it gave me so much happiness.

I used to have a best friend who was no longer there to wipe my tears, she left me for no reason.

I decided to spend my time with books. Finally, I adopted them as my best friends. I hope they will stay with me and give me suggestions till my last breath, help me make a good decision, they will never hurt me, they make me happy(books). I made them my best friends (books), they made my new version

That’s where I found my happiness because I’m the only reason for my happiness 

I need to tell the story to my readers so I tried this!! Best of my imagination