Message to the 39% ~ Anam Usmani

We are living in the 21st century…the year 2019 is about to come to an end. The world has progressed so much. Technology and social media have taken over lives. People who once hated cell phones and cyber cafe, now are so involved that they have become the number one stalker of their frenemies on social media

Somewhat and somewhere our Asian culture is still jammed at one place when it comes to relations. No doubt a lot has changed but only up to a certain level. There is 60 per cent of change and this 60 per cent of change is brought by the young generation and what about the rest 40 per cent. The rest 40 per cent contains 1 per cent of the older generation that’s hanging between the 20th and 21st century not sure which way to follow, and the rest 39 per cent are the ones who are still stuck in the 20th century and very smartly switch to 21st-century ideologies according to their needs.

Today I am gonna talk about these 39 per cent who are super wise and want everything according to themselves. They still believe in following the culture rules which they believed were correct. They still believe in overpowering their decisions, and their ideas on others. They cannot accept the fact that the younger generation needs space and independence..they still believe that ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED with them for decision making and passing a final verdict. They do not believe in giving space to others. According to them if they are connected to someone by relation they have again all rights reserved. But these 39 per cent are super wise because when the decisions and verdicts concern them or their loved ones they instantly become the part of 60 per cent population. So these people are quite smart and change ideologies according to situations and people concerned.

In an era where a child as small as 4 or 5 years old need space and independence to grow up into a healthy and smart youth. How can we treat an adult as a thing? No matter what relation you share nobody gives you rights to make decisions for others especially when that other is capable of making a decision and living life on his or her values.

Relations connect people it doesn’t give you rights to own or claim that person. They don’t make you the master of someone else’s life. It doesn’t allow you to over involve yourself in someone’s life that the other person feels suffocated.

I dislike the concept of mixing up culture just to make others accept your superiority. Culture is a beautiful thing which is being spoiled by these 39 percent..who only demand supremacy.

Rather than practising supremacy people should practice respect and love in a relationship…Rather than passing judgement try and give a bit of friendly advice. Rather than frowning upon others ideas true and understand and accept them happily…most of all give space…because space and independence is the need of the era…