I’ll Do It Later By Amy Goldberg

Have you ever found yourself continually looking to join, attend, read, consume as much self-help information as you can and then find that you’re no further ahead than when you first started?  When this happens, it starts to become something of a procrastination tactic. You may not be aware that you’re stalling or resisting whatever it is that’s holding you back. You may not want to face it head on, and, yet, I’m here to suggest to you that it’s time.  It’s time to get out of your own way and start taking action. Resistance is the one thing that holds you back from ever realizing your aspirations, dreams, goals, whatever it is that you want to attain.

You, actually, may not have a clue as to where to start or how to get there, and, yet, I’m here to say start anyway. Try things. Experience things. If you don’t take some kind of action, you will start to feel less of yourself. You will begin to feel defeated, diminished, and discouraged. And, yet, in reality, you can’t actually have any of these feelings IF you haven’t yet tried. You actually need to start doing something.

Funny how that happens. The feeling you may be facing right now is the feeling of being ‘numb’– numb to the fact that you may feel lost or stuck. You may feel this way because you’re dragging yourself around without a direction, with no sense of purpose or passion. This I like to call that thing that excites you, that gives you energy.

Right now, you may be feeling as if you’re just trying to get through the day. And yet let’s think about that. ‘Getting through the day’— that can’t be good. If you’re finding that day after day you’re saying, When this is over, done, completed …. THEN I can …. or you’re saying, Only if …. you need to rethink what you’re doing. You’re always hoping for something to change or to be over with in order for you to be happier. It won’t happen. There will always be something else–always.

I hear this often from people of all backgrounds, experiences, education, socio-economic conditions–you name it. What is our fascination with speeding up time to get to less time? What about right now? That’s all we have.  What about looking into why you feel what you’re doing now needs to be gotten over with.  If you’re feeling that way, then you need to consider what’s going on. Are you trying to lead someone else’s life and that’s why you hope it’s over with soon? Are you working at something that makes you miserable, and you want to get it done as fast as possible so that you can …. You can what? — go on to the next thing that you need to get over with? This cycle does not go away.

You will be repeating this behavior/pattern until you break the cycle, until you decide to shift your mindset or pivot. You have a choice. You have many choices. Pick one. Pick the one that never has you saying ever again, I just need to get over, or do this, before I …. Once you’re able to do this, watch what happens. You no longer will be living for the weekends or making decisions for anyone other than yourself. You will be leading your life by your truth. No one else needs to apply. I promise you this will be liberating. This could be a turning point for you. This could mean that you are finally going to embrace your truth.

Let’s make THAT your next step …