Importance of Me Time by Fizza Durrani

A lot of times, in the midst of all the hustle going on around us, we forget to give time to the most important person in our lives: ourselves.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a housewife, a student, or a workaholic, daily tasks and to-do lists can become very overwhelming at times. What you need at those times is a little attention to your tired and exhausted self. There are plenty of ways in which a little me-time can prove beneficial, and even therapeutic.

Do you know how you use your phone all day, and then leave it in a corner for charging so you can use it again? Your brain kind of works the same way as well. If you want to be physically and mentally active for a longer period of time, you need to give it some time to charge. That charging time is also known as “me-time”.

Having some time for yourself helps you reboot your brain and aids concentration afterwards. It also promotes your problem-solving abilities, and helps you handle stressful situations better. Me-time helps prevent your mind from getting “foggy” and provokes attentiveness as well as productivity. So, every time you feel like you can’t read any more files, or do any more dishes, try leaving work for 15 minutes and watch a YouTube video. (Yes, my definition of me-time is watching a YouTube video, but you get the point!)

Giving yourself attention not only helps you focus, but also serves as a quick way to release stress. If you ever feel overwhelmed with work or personal issues, give yourself a nice pampering session. You will find yourself so much more relaxed and satisfied than you were 60 minutes before it. Pampering could include a facemask, cup of coffee, meditation, or all of these simultaneously.

Another reason why giving time to yourself is important is because it allows you to maintain not only physical, but also your mental health. Taking care of yourself as in going to the gym, heading out for a walk, having a nice healthy meal, or putting on a skin or hair mask will help you improve your physical health, while meditating or lying down just to let go of your stress and relax your mind is a form of mental health care.

Me-time is also an excellent chance to self-evaluate. Give yourself 10 minutes before you head on for the day to evaluate your plans for the day, your goals (short and long term), and what you look forward to. Take out 10 minutes before you go to bed at night to evaluate what you did all day, what you accomplished, your progress, and where you lacked. Evaluate your thoughts, your goals, your behaviours, and understand yourself better. Let your mind and body breathe. After all, you are the most significant person in your life.

Don’t burn the candle at both ends.

There are a variety of activities The Post Team recommend during your scheduled me-time. Another recommendation we have is to try little to no screen time when trying to unwind. Our advice is to indulge in activities that require minimal cognitive effort. Here are our some of our favourites

Do let us know what you enjoy during your me-time?