Meet The Founder- Shaan S Khanna

Having been in the events industry for over a decade and being an entrepreneur since the age of 15, Shaan has an unmatched perspective on the industry as a whole and strives to create that safe and supportive community for budding businesses through her initiative, Networking Now IndiaIt has connected entrepreneurs from across the country seamlessly and has facilitated as a successful platform for people to project and market themselves organically.She’s a media professionaland with various suave business tricks under her sleeve. Along with her journey to finding Networking Now India, she also supports and helps propagate the voice of niche designers through her second brainchild, Spicy Sangria Events.

Tell us a little about the idea and major impetus behind starting Networking Now India?

My main aim to start Networking Now India was to connect like-minded people who could help each other. Nothing makes me happier than us helping one another rise to our fullest potential with someone else’s genuine help.

As far as exchanges among entrepreneurs is concerned, what is Networking Now like? How has it evolved over the years? 

We started as a Facebook group and gradually moved on to becoming a platform where small businesses can grow, showcase their work and reach out to authentic people for help. Our community communicates virtually via social media, Facebook, WhatsApp. We host monthly and fortnightly offline meet ups and events to ensure our members meet and get access to each other. We’ve grown from just being tags on Facebook to building actual meaningful connections and friendships. 

What’s on your vision board for 2020?

Happiness, Growth and Success for everyone!

What’s next for Shaan S Khanna and where do you Networking Now India in 2025?

In 2025 I hope to be the leading entrepreneur led platform that everyone gets easy access to for every requirement of theirs whether it’s big or small.

Personally, I want to do some great work this coming year and find newer and effective ways to help small businesses grow! 

We know that in today’s opinion-overloaded existence, it’s impossible to please everyone, including ourselves. What’s the most common criticism you find yourself facing? How do you deal with it?

Weight. My weight seems to have always been other people’s issue and people think success doesn’t come to those with weight issues! 

I’m just happy and as long as I’m happy nothing bothers me! 

Whether it’s Networking Now India, or Spicy Sangria — you’re known as a serial entrepreneur who’s achieved considerable success. What’s your advice to young entrepreneurs in India amidst the pandemic?

My advice would be to do whatever you love. When you love what you do you’ll wake up every morning rearing to go and never stop trying… find every avenue to make it work! If we believe in an idea, we shouldn’t give up! 

Whatever you do just make sure it brings you immense happiness! Success always follows.