Inspiring From Within by Amy Goldberg

What happens when an inspirational speaker and coach finds themselves not so inspired or motivated? I see and listen to a lot of personal development speakers to hear what they have to say. It’s research for my own work. It’s interesting to me to watch and listen to people both on and off the stage. I need to know if they’re going through the motions or really believe what they’re conveying. I always hope and trust it’s the latter.

Of course, motivational and inspirational speakers and coaches are going to have days, weeks, maybe months where they don’t feel so motivated and inspired themselves. Think about it, Psychiatrists see Psychiatrists to help put some perspective around things. To help them cope. Personal Trainers hire Personal Trainers to help motivate and keep them in shape. Why would this be any different?

We all experience each day differently than the day before. Some days we leap out of bed, other days it’s a struggle. Some days we feel on top of the world, other days we doubt ourselves.

Our brains are complex and magnificent instruments. They wire, fire and ignite in ways that still baffle those that study it. We’re constantly discovering and exploring ways to better understand how it all works.

Despite all of this rational thinking however, we find ourselves adapting and adjusting to our emotional selves. And then …

it hit me. I too found myself not so inspired and motivated.

It was as if everything I was sharing with others didn’t work for me. Or, perhaps I was way too close to my emotions to see anything else. Maybe I didn’t want to see anything else. It was then that I started questioning everything that I was doing, evolving into, honing after 30 years of work and experience. I was questioning my worth. What was THAT all about? I was playing mental chess, saying to myself; “If I do this, then I’ll feel that.”

Then I paused, realising that this too shall pass. And thought; “Wait a minute, if I didn’t feel or have these thoughts then how could I possibly be able to understand others when I’m working through their challenges.”

And then you know what happened …

I started facing my doubts, insecurities and uncertainty. I needed to put things into perspective for myself. If I was questioning what I was doing, then I needed to see for myself what that was.

I thought; “Ok, where do I start? How do I make myself see what I was doing and better understand how I was feeling?” I’ve been saying to others for as long as I can remember; “It Starts With You.” That was my answer. I started to read all of my talks and publications. Reading each piece one by one.

A wave of confident and reassurance flooded over me. I burst into laughter. In reading my own work, I actually became motivated and inspired! And then I thought; “Hahahaha. It was there all along … right there before my eyes. I know what I’m doing. This is what I love to do. Inspiring and helping others to thrive IS my calling. I am good at this.”

After I breathed a sigh of relief. Trust me I was relieved. I realized that of course this doesn’t mean that I won’t have these pangs of self-doubt, uncertainty and insecurities again. I know I will. I just have to remind myself that this makes me stronger. You know; “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” I don’t like feeling this way, and yet I do know that it for sure makes me a better coach and strategist for others.

We all have moments of self-doubt and insecurities. What we need to do is to step back and begin by seeing within ourselves.

Here’s something else that helped me to kick myself in the “but.” I’m hoping it’ll help you too.

And remember ….

We need to start by inspiring from within.