Introspect of Our Times by Ravneet Sangha

The New Zealand incident has shaken me. It’s made me cry and really shook from within . To kill with such anger, hatred and planning and to execute innocent people who were saying their ritual prayers is devious and hatred of the highest order. I wonder what went in his mind that one can commit such crimes and do such detailed meticulous planning and then to zero down and target Muslims. One needs to please understand at this point of time of our history is that we all are witness to this change in our world history, we are at a juncture where we if we do not collectively join hands and stop this targeting we will lose ourselves. Just because one is of a religious sect doesn’t mean that he or she can be picked out and singled for murder.

Who is one person to decide that they need to be wiped out? The targeting of Muslims by him and to kill them repeatedly shows so much suppressed anger and now also after he has been caught he has no remorse. His purpose and focus was to kill as many as he could. How did he stockpile so much weaponry? How did he plan and then the gruesome killing? Isn’t there supposed to be a virtual trail? Some kind of watchdog to check what is happening? I mean he went Facebook live .

Just by posting on Instagram and sharing condolence messages and tweets doesn’t end our responsibility, yes we are saddened, it makes us all feel scared, its a fragile place to be , when we thought that New Zealand was the second safest place in the world and just this. It’s earth shattering . I am trying to understand why no red flags when he was searching all this. If it had been a brown person , stockpiling would have raised some eyebrows and would have made someone alert. Why this differentiation ? This kind of division is what we need to change . I want you all to think and introspect on your true emotions? Why do we judge others for the religion they follow and the colour of the skin? Let’s not regress to the dark times we have barely come out from .

We have more serious issues, we need to worry about climate issues that will mean no Earth , so where does the question of  religion divide come . Don’t let the narrow mindedness and the brutality of his ruin one of my favourite countries. This country has been on my bucket list for its Lord of the Rings picturisation. Gollum looks to be an innocent babe in the woods compared to the viciousness of this horrible man.

We all need to think and as I say , we need to introspect and come together for a collective answer and stop any future incident of this kind where we have religious targeting. We had the holocaust and the killing of millions of Jews and the wounds and scars are deep , lets stop all the pogroms and the silent sleepers who will erupt in the tumultuous times ahead .Till then , Kia Kaha and the best tribute is the Haka dance done in front of the mosque.