Kavya Ramesh’s Guide to Saving Major bucks on your next Europe trip

A European trip, that’s the dream, isn’t it? Especially one that’s Instagram worthy. Well if you have been to any of the European countries yourself or have heard from someone who has visited, you will know just how expensive it is.

Spending lesser on your trip does not mean you have to only backpack (although I love this concept). There are other ways to cut out the obvious costs and spare your wallets.

Travel, Accommodation and Food are the three major things you will spend on.


The first thing to do is decide which country is going to be your entry point and then map out the places you want to visit.  If you want to do country hopping on a budget, stick to countries that are closest to your entry point.  Keep in mind, no matter where go in Europe, it’s going to be spectacularly beautiful so try avoiding the cliché.

Book your flight tickets well in advance, no I am not talking just 6 months in advance if you can book earlier than that, do it.

They say summers are the best time to visit Europe and they couldn’t be more wrong.

April, end of September and the first few weeks of October are good times to visit. Not only is the weather good but everything is less expensive and the crowds begin to dwindle.

Another travel expense is intercity travel. Stick to local transport. It’s convenient, cheaper and very well connected. Buy a day pass when you reach a city. Sometimes when you buy a travel ticket to a city, it comes with intercity travel tickets as well, and this works out cheaper. For example, if you take a train from Salzburg to Munich, it comes with a day pass for Munich.

Some cities like Amsterdam are small enough to be covered on foot. Walking on the streets of Amsterdam, stopping at each canal is an experience in itself so don’t even buy a day pass.


The obvious answer here is to stay in hostels. If that’s not your thing, then opt to stay a little away from the city centre as the rates are cheaper. As long as you are close to a means of transport, you can travel anywhere in the city.

Another great way to save the cost of one hotel room night while intercity or intercountry hopping is to travel at night. Sometimes the trains run empty and you end up getting the entire compartment to yourself. Travelling all night and waking up in another country is a feeling you just can’t put into words.


Apart from making full use of the complimentary breakfast at your hotel, there are some other ways you can save money.

The food in the city centre is usually more expensive. The food in other parts of the city is just as good and costs a whole lot lesser.

Stock up on munchies, fruits and other things from a local supermarket. Even alcohol maybe. Bars and pubs tend to serve alcohol at higher rates. Buy alcohol from a store, head to a beautiful spot in the city, drink with a view.

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