Learning financial planning is the latest trend among Brides to be ~ Tanvi Goyal.

Firstly, the average age for women to get married in India has risen and now increasingly women are pursuing higher education and careers before getting married. This makes sure that brides have their own distinct personalities.

Just like each individual is unique, every couple has its own chemistry too. There can be huge differences in the way a husband and a wife think and feel about money and that reflects in their saving, investing and spending habits. If the couples are aligned towards the financial wellbeing of the family, then creating a unified Wealth Strategy with adequate and honest communication about money can work wonders for their matrimonial life. However, differences in financial viewpoints can become a big black hole for a marriage if not addressed amicably right in the initial years. Women who understand financial matters can empathize better with their spouses when there is an economic slowdown or when they are looking for a job change.

Secondly, estimates have it that Indian parents end up spending 1/5th of their total accumulated wealth at the time of their children’s ‘BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING’. As the economic slowdown is getting more widespread, many parents are beginning to mellow down the style and grandeur in the weddings and instead have started gifting money to their daughters at the time of their wedding, usually in the form of Fixed Deposits.  The brides should know how to manage this money well and learn to create wealth for their better future. There is no such law which obligates a husband or in laws to create assets in the name of the woman. Having their own money and having the right investment knowledge allows them to live a financially independent life after marriage. A life free from financial worries, allows women to pursue their passions.

Thirdly, increasingly women have jobs, artistic pursuits and businesses. Learning about money makes sure they can handle their finances on their own without depending for advice from others.  Understanding financial terms and language can make one a better negotiator at work as well. It also helps them in knowing their own value and they can deal with vendors, bankers, associates and bosses in a headstrong way.

Lastly, as many couples have started staying away from their hometowns in a nuclear family setup, the onus of managing money lies with them rather than their family. Understanding money matters opens a host of interesting topics for conversation between couples.

Once women start taking interest in the financial matters, they may eventually become the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of the family unit!  After all women tend to make better investment decisions due to their intrinsic values of patience and low to medium risk appetite.

About Tanvi Goyal

Mrs. Tanvi Goyal, the Founder of Wealth Aware, has more than five years specialised experience in wealth management handling million dollars plus accounts.   She had worked with various private banks such as  HSBC private  bank and  Anandrathi.

Over the span of her entrepreneurial journey she realised that women were not participating in financial desicion making actively. This gave birth to her new mission in life, ” To educate one million women to become the finical planner of their family”
After having conducted several workshops for women now she is the most sought after keynote speaker on the subject. Recently the United Nations Women ASSOCIATION invited her for a discussion on the importance of financial planning for women in India.