Secrets to Living in Moderation ~ Jyoti Kerkar

Many wise individuals over the centuries, why even Socrates about 2500 moons ago have taught us to live in Moderation. What is Moderation? In short, it is living your life committed to balance and wholeness.

We are so attuned to living for pleasure and thinking that gets us happiness. Instead of looking out for what will make us complete and happy, we are looking out at the world trying to obtain more and comparing ourselves to others. Money can contribute to feel secure and live comfortable but it does not relate to being happy. 

The Secret to Happiness is through Moderation. Below I have given 6 secrets to achieve.

1. Work – Remember Work is to Live for and not Live for Work, Remember your job is only part of your life spectrum. Do not spend ungodly hours working, it will not enhance any of your Life aspects. 

2. Diet– Losing weight becomes one big FAD, go hungry or Deprive yourself of certain things, do you think you achieve a weight loss, okay it may give you a few kilos temporary pleasure, but later you will definitely either gain weight or have some medical problems. Why stop yourself from eating? Eat healthily and eat in moderation, simply take a lesser portion, of everything. It starts with Today so every day eat in moderation. Always remember weight is more of a mental state than physical torture.

If you want to indulge in something, do it with glee, and not with guilt, it’s important to your mental state.

3. Alcohol: This poison everyone knows if we do not control and drink in moderation what can happen. A glass of wine during dinner gives heart benefits. But if you go overboard you will spoil the one time given life.

4. Technology-  is a boon to the human race agree, but should you allow technology to control your life? It does not mend any interpersonal relation which has broken. Can it? Don’t lose the human sensory to this addictive poison.

5. Stress-Is, not all bad all the time, you need a certain amount of stress to achieve or motivate yourself. But if it goes to extremes, we need to moderate stress levels or it will completely affect your life cycle, your productivity or health.

6. Beauty Regime-Everyone wants to stay young, we go to extremes to stay young, but remember the artificial will give you a moment of happiness, it is just a mirage to make yourself happy, But think you are going against natures law, you were born with a certain DNA and looks, altering it unnaturally may have a throwback, you must know of the unfortunate celebs and the others aping them have had bad results. Here am not saying do not tend to yourself. But do it a natural way Moderation is the keyword… Too much of chemicals will harm your skin/hair. Use natural products with expert advice. Need to highlight that always use products which are tried and tasted. Your own Granny/Mom must have useful advice to give. Invest in beauty products wisely.

Moderation in reading might look simple, it seems easy in theory but needs conscious efforts.

The secret to being happy and leading a good life is with one word, Moderation.

Jyoti Kerkar

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