Let’s check off experiences on your bucket list together only with Episodes India by Neetaa Parakkh and Apeksha Shah 

It’s time to reboot fun!

An exclusive members only women’s community that connects elite audiences to eclectic experiences- and each other is now live. The focus is on creating memorable moments through unique events that engage and delight the members.

The founders are creatively-charged trail-blazers in their respective fields- and they bring a keen sense of taste and distinct palette to the curation of unique experiences. 

After the grand success of the luxury brand curation platform and exhibition, the India Trunk Show, the Co-Founders felt the time was ripe to embark on an exciting experiential extension to bring the community together.

Episodes was born to be an interesting intersection of networking and entertainment for the discerning. It brings what was missing to life- novel luxury experiences best served chilled and served with fun new women friends!

Episodes is going to take the members through 6 unique experiences which they call ‘6 Episodes’ such as beauty and wellness retreats, exhilarating adventures in the forest, alternative cinema experiences like movie under the stars and so much more! And that’s not all, they also have an exciting 3-day holiday as part of their annual membership.

Kick starting their first episode in Pune on the 19th of February, the founders will also be expanding and taking the organization to different cities. 



6 Exclusive Episodes,

  1. Rituals of Release – A self-care treatment in February 

2. Treasure hunt with a twist in April 

3. Mental detox ceremony in July 

4. Forest bathing – An all day adventure in September 

5. Experiential learning event in October 

6. Alternative cinema under the stars in November 

and also includes a 3-Day National / International Holiday

Registration link – https://episodesindia.com/members-application/