Life in the Corona Times, Grouchy Edition ~ Ravneet Sangha

It’s official; we are in the next stretch of our lockdown, quarantine and curfew, whatchamacallit , its the only way out! Is it me, or are the birds louder? It seems they are making fun of us being prisoners and it’s like a role reversal now. We have been for long abusing nature to such an extent; the only way we can move forward to live now is to learn from our mistakes.

It’s teaching me a lot, this curfew in my home and make do with what I have. We all have a lot and imagine we can survive without the trip to the bazaar, without online shopping, without the coffee, and the numerous lunches.

At the end of the day , all that matters is our loved ones and the fact that we cant meet them. Remaining cooped in is taking a toll on all of us. The challenges, the tagging in uploading pictures and now the latest one the pillow ones are making me laugh. Are we so shallow that we want to upload ourselves wearing a takiya?

Yes, we are. And this lockdown doesn’t need to be a competition, nor does need to be a betterment project. Have your doubts, live em, and stop cleaning the cupboards.

Give yourself time to breathe and be. I have seen all of us being rushed to prove ourselves, why do we as women have to prove our cooking skills or cleaning skills or management ones? Who designated us to be the Chef, cleaner, Corden bleu and the rehriwala all rolled into one? When do we get time off? Curfew is making life harder and sometimes unbearable, and there isn’t any harm in saying this. I didn’t cross any imaginary Lakshman Rekha by saying this.

Ladies just be, and tide this time and don’t be and in case you find all this tough, come with me to Mars. Because you might be the juiciest, ripest, yummiest peach in the world and someone will hate you because they don’t like the peaches.

It’s a stressful time, and we are stretched to the hilt and on top of it, no beauty parlour or time off! They ask me to enjoy the weather, the blue skies, the mountain range showing up right in front of me, and the beaches in Amritsar but nothing is the same without family and friends, it’s all overrated! I miss them and yes this too shall pass, and my faith in Him sustains, but I’m allowed to be grumpy,na?