Health By Any Other Name by Amy Goldberg

In light of, or shall I say in these heavy times of COVID-19 we are hyper aware of our health. The government has stepped up and provided trillions of dollars in financial support to those who have been directly impacted due to layoffs, loss of work, and business support for companies and services that have been forced to close. These are stressful, fearful and desperate times for countless numbers of people. 

We talk about a new normal, a new reality, whatever buzzwords come to mind when best describing what the aftermath of a pandemic could look-like for all of us.

Currently, we’re self-isolating and social-distancing ourselves from one another so that the spread of COVID-19 does not escalate. All the while front-line workers in hospitals in particular are saving lives, while researchers and scientists work tirelessly to try and find a vaccine to manage the virus.

We also understand that those having pre-existing illness are at greater risk of contracting the virus if exposed to those who are asymptomatic.

Countries have looked to one another to model best practices to help flatten the curve.

Exhaustive data and time have been spent identifying what has and is occurring. Stronger epidemic control models have been deciphered and realized. Measures of preparedness of our health system are focused on working together. Success requires a whole-of-country response.

As we rally together during this critical situation, and ad hereto new rules and policies that have been put in place for our safety, wouldn’t it be great if we discovered that our call to action was to adopt a universal utopic society of better health.

This would be our opportunity to holistically look at our lives more closely and realize that we could do 5 things, right now, to increase the likelihood toward leading a more healthful lifestyle rather than manage our health when it’s too late.

What if we wholeheartedly:

1. Exercised daily

2. Ate more plant-based

3. Got enough sleep

4. Practiced deep breathing/meditation, and 

5. Experienced more things – learned new skills ….

…. to enhance our trust and confidence in ourselves all the while Improving our stamina, health and resiliency for a better quality of life. 

That’s it. Nothing crazy. 

Now is the time to pivot while this experience is fresh in our minds and make the shift from a sick care to a health care universe; where prevention is our new mantra.

In the mid 80’s, when I had a corporate wellness company, we sat at the table with government to carve out policies by which citizens could benefit by staying healthy and active. Wouldn’t it be great, we thought, to have a health and fitness subsidy tax relief for those adhering to a healthful lifestyle? Lower insurance premiums – similar to car insurance, where one’s insurance would be less expensive if one didn’t have any accidents. Ok, so now we have no-fault insurance.

What if, we the people embraced a more healthful ideology where we adopted a universal incentive program; a health subsidy tax; or a health spending account that many companies have adopted and incorporated, then we would be moving in a more healthful direction.

It is my belief that our lives depend upon this. At the very least to have a better quality of life. 

We’ve been tested.