Lingerie Market Grows by Leaps and Bounds: Survey

The future of the Indian innerwear industry looks promising and has a huge potential to grow in the times to come. Consumers are gradually becoming aware of this category and are boldly prioritising their lingerie shopping needs. As the purchasing power of the consumers rises, the demand for different categories within innerwear segment such as shape wear, active wear, bralettes etc has increased significantly. A survey recently conducted by the lingerie giant, Groversons Group, has revealed that the Indian Innerwear market is poised to grow at a robust CAGR of around 15% by the year 2023.

The study shows that an Indian woman now has at least 8 pieces of brassieres in her wardrobe as compared to 4-5 in the past. Similar is the case with underpants of which a woman owns at least 10-12 pieces on an average. All this has led to an increase in the ASP of the innerwear purchased by almost 45% of women. The outward approach of spreading awareness and making the product available online in the past 10-12 years has also contributed immensely to this category.

Back in the day, in the Indian market specifically, lingerie was a mere necessity in a woman’s life with hardly any innovations. But the past few years have witnessed an unprecedented growth and awareness about this clothing segment. The rising young population, new fashion trends, rising number of female shoppers and need-based lingerie solutions have contributed tremendously to the upward trajectory of this segment.

The evolution of Indian innerwear industry can be seen with the shift from basic cotton bras in black, white and nude colours to padded, Pushups and lacy bras in different designs and colour combinations. Lingerie designed in animal prints, geometric prints, florals and colourful quirky patterns have also forayed into the wardrobe of the current generation.

It was further noticed that women within the age bracket of 20-30 years are more experimental with their choices and make up for the largest share in demand. Shoppers in this segment have a stronger purchasing power as they are much aware of the benefits of good lingerie. College going girls prefer to experiment with colourful and designer bralettes pairing them up with classy outer wears. Whereas even women aged 25 years and above prefer pretty lingerie pieces crafted with lace in exclusive designs. The style and colour preferences are chosen according to the outfits like backless bras for backless or deep back neck attires, strapless for cold shoulder outfits, plunge bras for deep necks dresses etc.

Branded apparel companies are focused on introducing innovative lingerie items as per the changing fashion trend and consumer demands. There are different types of bras available in the market that are suitable for different body and breast shapes, and also to wear during different occasions, such as we have introduced our postpartum bras which are specially designed for women post-pregnancy,  post operative bras for women, who have suffered from breast cancer. The trend of purchasing fancy and fashionable lingerie among the female population is driving the market growth in the country while increasing concerns over flexible fabric used in lingerie. Outerwear of women and focus on style quotient and comfort are also some factors driving the demand for lingerie. Demand for the product is also increasing due to usage of fabrics such as nylon, polyester, satin, lace, sheer, lycra, silk, and cotton. Our fabrics are sustainable and biodegrabable. Lingerie designers are emphasizing on creating products with lace, embroidery, luxurious materials, and brighter hues, which is expected to drive the market over the forecast period.” says Mr. Anurag Ahuja, MD Goshie Apparels, Partner- Shopaholics.

“The times are changing and with passing time people’s perception of the lingerie is also evolving positively. Women have become bold with their choices and are not afraid to let that show. Ladies’ innerwear segment is no longer a hush-hush subject, rather has become informative with regards to women’s health, educating a large number of consumers of this segment. Everybody wants to look good & feel good, not just on the outside but from within too. Good lingerie can definitely leave one brimming with confidence. The acceptance of the sexy is definitely there and with full assurance.” Mr. Siddharth Grover, Director, Groversons Group, was quoted as saying.

The women’s innerwear segment growth story in India is in its most promising phase right now with increasing demand for stylish, sensuous and premium innerwear. With the increase in demand and evolving trends, the brands have started experimenting more and have actually got a playground for innovations in terms of designs, colours, styles, fabrics etc. The Indian lingerie market is bound to grow tremendously in the coming times and there will be no looking back.