Be a Dheera – Courageous One By Kumarreshan S Ramasubramanian

In 2021 many will be in the fears that society will spin, many will be in the fears media will spin, many will be in the fears that your own mind will spin but don’t give in. If you have to shine brighter than you have ever done before then you must be a Dheera in 2021.

A Dheera is one whose intellect shines with the light of dharma or universal principles. A Dheera is one who shines with the light of a courage within. An transformed being is a Dheera, the courageous one capable of taking fearless actions.

The Courage of the transformed being comes from 3 sources(1) Courage comes from being able to stand up against the tricks of one’s own mind BY BEING A WITNESS(2) Courage comes from being able to be rooted in GUIDANCE OF THE HEART without straying from your vision(3) Courage comes from being able to be connected to Universal Intelligence (UI) will and flow with it with faith.

How do you build courage against the tricks of your own mind?

Let us see a famous story from Swamy Vivekananda’s life. Swamy Vivekananda was walking on the path of the forest. A group of red faced monkeys started chasing him while walking on the forest and Swamiji noticed this and started running. A Sanyasi in the forest saw this and shouted to Swamiji to stop running and face the brutes. When Swamiji faced the monkeys, it got terrified and ran away. To turn around and face the terrible fears being thrown by your own mind is courage. In an normal state, your mind is like a sponge ever ready to soak up in the fearful inputs of family, friends and media. Those fears then begin to chase you. In an normal state, you either follow your fears, take their bites and succumb to them or you try to ignore them which will only make your fears stronger. Only a true dheera can stand up to these fears and be a courageous witness. Like terrified monkeys, your fears will leave you. Like shadows they will disappear in the light.

Let us talk of the second kind of courage, courage to follow your heart whether it was Sri Rama who walked away into the forest, An Arjuna who blew the conch to enter the battlefield, a Bhagat Singh who looked at his enemy in the eye or a Malala Yousafzai who took a bullet because she believed in a rebellious cause. All greatness only happens when you follow your heart’s calling. Circumstances may favor you or deter you. Allies may come or alliances may break but if you want to achieve success in 2021 then follow your heart and follow your dharma. Don’t buckle under pressure, be a Dheera.

Your third source of courage will be FAITH IN THE UI. Have the courage to take UI for a friend. Ask the UI to sit in the driver’s seat and go wherever you are taken. In the battlefield of life, if the UI drives your chariot to meet your worst enemy, look into the eyes of your enemy without fear. Whether the UI takes you, go with faith. Nothing can destroy you. You will be raised higher than you ever were by the UI. 
Free of every kind of fear, fear of disease, fear of loss, fear of defeat, fear of death just go forward to achieve your victories. You will become a true Dheera, the courageous and victorious.