Looking through the Glass – Tarot by Jyoti Kerkar

Tarot is the old art of reading hidden meanings from the symbols and colours, it is a guide to update you about what is happening and be a much needed Mentor. Let’s understand the magical cards that reveal a deeper meaning sometimes which is hidden in your subconscious mind. The colours open up a New spectrum which may help us eat the right food for the day in a week . Here we are speaking about the colours that we should eat to remain healthy and happy so that you face life with enthusiasm and joy.

Day wise Analysis 

Monday : is a illumination day as it connected with our Moon , so the colour  should be WHITE , eat food that is white , Radish, Milk,  Milk products and many others which 

should  be part of the food you eat on Monday

Tuesday : RED is the colour of the day , ensure you have a bit of red on your plate tomatoes, red carrots, and more.

Wednesday: GREEN is the colour for the day, forage on greens to get your digestive tract cleane . All green leafy  vegetables , green fruits , go ahead enjoy the salads and fruit plates.

Thursday : The colour on your plate for this day is YELLOW, eat to your hearts content all fruits, vegetable that are yellow. simple have Turmeric Latte 

Friday : The colour for the Friday is PURPLE all shades light to dark, enjoy arabic or Lebanese cuisine as they make flavoursome cuisine from eggplant..

Saturday and Sundays are days to cheat, relax and eat what everything to your hearts content , but in moderation. 

We have the palate done, lets learn more about the cards, the cards are divided into Major Arcana, Minor Arcana and Court cards. With four suits, namely Pentacles, Swords, Wands, Cups. The Major Arcana are a set of 22 cards and these cards show the major happenings in everyone’s life. 

There are lot many ways of looking at the cards, one aspect is,  What colour in the Card attracts you at a glance? This will highlight the basic nature of the person. Tarot is a tool, a gift which tells and guides by telling a story.

Let us take the Major Arcana card.

The Magician Tarot Card Meaning in Readings: Surpassing the Plausible

The Magician. if you get this card in your reading it represents personal Power, Creativity, Manifestation. We often feel we do not have the power and control in our own lives and believe that success and achievement are reserved for those who are driven and goal oriented.

The Magician tells, you have the ability to tap into your creative energy. You have the power to explore and find your creative energy. You have the ability to manifest your Dreams.

Another Aspect of the card: What Color attracts you at one glance, today i will highlight the basic nature of the person.

Yellow: You like life’s comforts, you look after yourself health wise.

Red: You are smart talker, you like the evenings and nights more than the mornings and noon.

Green: You like peace, you rarely will get into an argument, you like to be more with the nature.

White: You like discipline, everything in its place. You are a generous in nature.

The Magician tells, you have the ability to tap into your creative energy. 

You have the power to tap into your creative energy. You have the ability to 

manifest your Dreams.

Tarot is the secret language which  the wise have made, you need to tap into 

your intuition to understand the same, there are many books and papers explaining 

the cards and the symbols but finally you need to know how to tap the unknown to make a valid fact and guide. If you like the updates do comment, will discuss more on all the cards.

Disclaimer: We do not claim this to be scientifically proven, it’s as per my  \Tarot master imagination/vision