Lockdown Birthdays- The New Normal ~ Tulika Agarwal

The pandemic has forced all of us to stay indoors for our own safety and well-being. Of course, that also means that it has put a damper on a lot of our plans, including celebrations. Kids and adults definitely look forward to celebrating birthdays – it’s a milestone to remember and celebrate, no matter the age. It may sound monotonous, but Lockdown Celebrations – be it Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries or parties are the #NewNormal. There are a host of options available that have gained prominence during the last six odd months, and hadn’t been exploited earlier so much. 

Lockdown birthday: We really did not see that coming. But it is here and staying longer than we would have liked it to. With elaborate outdoor plans shelved and limited resources, family and friends are stepping up their ‘quirk game’ to keep birthdays exciting. ‘Jugaad’ cakes are made by molding home ingredients from the kitchen and flaunting the fancy product for the Insta-fam to see it.

House Party Decorations – Trust me, the décor adds a new dimension to the same old room (or home), and what better way than to stuff it with balloons, hangings, party kits and the latest DIY decoration material from all that’s available indoors.

Virtual Birthdays – The fag that’s got everyone addicted – be it is meetings, conferences, calls or even celebrations! Zoom & Whatsapp calls are the flavor of the season. If you can’t invite family or friends over, why not have a cool virtual party? From a dance-a-thon to playing games, there are many different ways of turning it out of the box at your disposal

Play old school games with the Family – Do you remember the times when our birthdays growing up would involve snack parties and dancing games ending as a sober affair at home? That was something we all looked forward to. How about replicating the same this year? There are plenty of indoor games one could try – Dart games, Board games or even simple ones would make for an exciting adventure for the fam-jam!

Gratitude Birthday Celebration – As they say, ‘Charity begins at home’. If there’s something the pandemic has taught all of us, it is the value of family and gratitude. The birthday can be made extremely special, if you encourage them to participate in any act of charity, or do something on their behalf for the ones in need of resources right now. Just a simple ‘Thank You’ note would add the emotion which we all crave for.

Bring your own Cake (BYOC) – After the success of the cult favorite ’BYOB’, the next in line is the BYOC trend. Owing to hectic work from home schedules for many and people staying alone away from their family and friends, has given rise to this idea too. The person celebrating the special day gets his or her own cake (or bakes one if they know how to). Well lucky them, they can have their cake and eat it too!

E-Invites & Play Dress-Up – Just because you are throwing a birthday party at home, doesn’t mean you need to spend the day in those lousy pyjamas. Clean up, get dressed. After all, if you look good, you feel good. It’s also a noble idea to set a start and end time, just so things are crisp if you are inviting friends from other parts of the world. And yes, mention their local standard time too, (for everyone’s participation).

Party Planners – Lastly, there are professional online services available that visit your home, decorate the house with all the glitz and glamour (balloons, LED lights, glitter, mock helium toys – name it and they have it). They arrange an online guitarist or violinist too! Cool surprise party if you want to explore some trendy options. Also, they are hygienic, safe and PPE clad –But get one only at your own disclaimer. I have tried and tested myself too, and trust me it was a real success.

CIY Meals – The modern rendition to the DIY – ‘Do It Yourself’ concept, parties today have ready-made pre-portioned meal kits being delivered to the doorstep via luxury hotel chains and restaurants at premium prices. To avoid the hassle of menu planning, and driving away from online deliveries, a fun novice trend that’s speeding up is ‘Cook It Yourself’ in the comforts of your home – whatever cuisine you ever wished to secretly learn or try out for the family. It comes with a manual to guide both the amateurs and pros through the process.

So go out there, brainstorm more ideas and share it with the world too! Let’s make the Lockdown Birthday truly memorable and exquisite for the special ones, for there is some good in everything that happens. Embrace it. Enjoy it.