Meet the Family of 4 behind Gulnare Skincare

Men nowadays have become equally conscious and cognizant of their skin. However, it is important to take steps wisely. when we cleanse our skin, we tend to remove dust, dirt, sweat and bacteria that your skin picks up while we are outdoors. When it comes to keeping up appearances, men are paying more attention to their hair and face, so, for our skin to be smooth and supple throughout the winters, Gulnare Skincare has introduced their latest range of men grooming skincare products

Gulnare Skincare was founded by a family of 4 in 2015.

The mum. The formulator. The legend.

Shonali’s love affair with holistic living began at a very young age when her sensitive skin made her realize that the chemical laden products available off the shelf were doing more harm than good to her skin and body. She dedicated the rest of her days in studying Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and ancient Egyptian beauty secrets, whilst constantly experimenting at home. All this culminated into Gulnare Skincare after she decided to bring together her knowledge with a certified organic skincare program in London to put together the perfect skincare formulations just for you!


Is a professional photographer with a background in fashion &beauty. Besides overseeing the testing processes to ensure the perfect product reaches you, she also handles social media initiatives and marketing strategy for the brand.

A self proclaimed serial wander luster, It’s her job to get to the interiors of a country or town and source the purest and the most premium quality ingredients for us.


Is the business brain of Gulnare Skincare and he is the one who makes sure the product reaches you through reliable channels. Surya brings with him an in-depth knowledge in Finance and Economics and is a passionate entrepreneur.

BHARTI SINGH RAO Is responsible for branding and creating visuals for us. A graphic designer by profession, with a fine eye for detail, she is the driving force behind our brand aesthetic from start to finish.

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