Meet The Founder- Divij Bajaj, Founder and CEO of Power Gummies

Having spent a considerable amount of his career in the lifestyle and education sector, serial entrepreneur Divij Bajaj shifted his focus to the nutraceuticals industry, when he founded Power
Gummies in November 2018, advocating the mantra of “Health Powered by Happiness & backed by Science.’”
The brand’s first product, a hair vitamin supplement, made from plant-based pectin, ten essential vitamins, biotin and folic acid, was able to bridge the gap in the market for individuals who
sought substitutes to traditional pills, to complement their daily beauty regime. Promoting the idea of beauty from within, Divij consciously took the decision to ensure that the
formulation of the products was vegan, gluten-free, gelatin-free, and crafted cruelty-free, with the intention of making health, fun for all.

What inspired you to start Power Gummies?

I have always been motivated and encouraged by my dad, he has always preached that ‘‘Those who wait or rely on destiny only get what has been left by those who struggle and achieve’ and that always left an impression on me to do something beyond what I always did. 

I reckon this was bound to happen. I have always been on a chase to find out the best sustainable solutions and been an extrovert who believes to deliver best through my education, or even when I have been trying my hands at different experiments in life. This enterprising idea came to me in the most candid way when I wanted to derive a solution for my mother hating all the necessary vitamin supplements believing “every tablet was a medicine”. 

My inquisitive mind started to work towards bringing a solution to why not devise a supplement that should not look like another medicine, should be enormously tasty yet nutritious.  After a course of my learning and journey, Power Gummies came into existence in 2018.

What quality do you think served you well as an entrepreneur?

“The happiness derived through conquering each challenge makes you try harder and strive hard every time”, is what I truly believe in. The hunger to learn and garner more understanding as a person every day is what has made me an entrepreneur today.

I always keep it simple and look around to find my ‘main’ idea to become what I still aspire to be. To be a better version of yourself every day, one must ‘observe’ the environment, surroundings and adapt to the needs of people around you and the success follows without any qualms.  

What advice do you have for others aspiring to start up their own company?

Do not focus on ‘Discouragement’ no matter what. As we say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, anyone who is experiencing success today has had their share of a strenuous journey which remains unspoken about. Staying true to my piece of advice, even the road to be a successful entrepreneur was not as smooth as it sounds but I paved my way focusing on the vision to create differentiated products suiting all – fulfilling complete requirements and industry innovations. I got to hear all kinds of muses when people said it’s another seasonal gig, toffee business or just another candy in the market.

But I believed in my intuition and people who believed in me, ‘If people are doubtful how far you can go. Move ahead so far that you cannot hear them anymore. Nothing but always your inner voice’. The famous quote by JRD Tata comes to mind to pass for all the aspiring entrepreneurs, “Take the stones people throw at you. And use them to build a monument.” 

I have also acted as a sole representative in the initial days for Power Gummies by stepping into every role – research, procurement, conceptualisation and sample distribution for pilot trials to building a large team of young, highly qualified and experienced professionals. Trusting yourself, your vision is really important, obstacles will come and they should be there for you to succeed.

Who was the first celeb to be seen with Power Gummies?

A legacy is being created with the buzz doing rounds through the social media platforms by celebrities, television personalities and known niche influencers talking about their experiences with Power Gummies. This has brought us so much response from the people and made us happy to know how they are loving the product. 

However, we officially collaborated with Karishma Tanna as the first celeb seen with Power Gummies.

What is one thing you think helped your brand grow phenomenally?

In my opinion, it would be a consumer connect as it has many aspects to it on how it works together as a growth mechanism. As I said, we are building a legacy with a buzz over the social media platforms where our target audience engages the most with the unfiltered experiences shared by the people they believe in. So basically, the best way to make them aware. We have been true to our customers with appropriate messaging that we try to make our customer understand that Power Gummies is a part of their lifestyle. The easiest self-care regime with a 90 days promise through our range of current variants. 

Then, talking about the product, gummy as a format is a hit amongst people making their life easier for overall wellbeing and nutrition with the supreme gummy composition of vitamins and micronutrients. We are ahead in the game with all aspects of taste and composition of gummies consisting of multivitamins. Taste being the craving factor for our consumers. Maintaining the quotient of best grade quality manufactured gummies as per international standards from the best-in-class ingredients and attractive packaging. The temperature tolerance is up to 40* C and shelf life of 18 months which lets people store them as well. 

Plans for the future?

My plan for Power Gummies is to take it to the IPO level. My mentors always taught and believed in me and I would likewise wish to take effective mentorship forward for budding entrepreneurs and startups. Giving back the support to the community which I gathered for myself and also look forward to motivating them financially as well with investments in promising ventures. My recent investments were in blooming startups – Prolixr, Organic Brew, and Farmers Company. 

Favourite TV Show/Podcast/Book

Suits is my all-time favourite show, especially because of the thoughtful twists and turns in its plot. Harvey is my favourite character out there, and I believe in what he says, “It is going to happen because I’m going to make it happen.”. I loved watching Special Ops,  when it comes to the Indian shows. In books, my recent favourite is ReWork: Change the Way You Work Forever by Jason Fried. My most favourite book would be The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Abraham.

Your go-to Online Shop?

Cliq luxury is my all-time favourite. Has mostly all the luxury premium brands which I use.

Who inspires you?

I’m undoubtedly inspired by Jack Ma and Warren Buffet. My most favourite book also comes from the list of most recommended ones by Warren Buffet.

What is one quality you look for when hiring team members?

Not one for sure, but a right mix of creativity, pro-activeness and zeal to learn.

Your favourite business tools/software?

G-suite being the top-notch leader here, making everyone’s life easier especially through the work from home setup during the lockdown phase, it made us realise the importance of the application. We majorly drive our business digitally, hence Google Analytics helps me set the right projections for my business.

Also, I keep a proper fitness routine and regularly use the 7-Minute Workout app. It helps to keep the movement with 12 exercises of 30 seconds with 10-second breaks, all I needed for a quick workout session with the work from home setup.  

Advice for women in the workplace?

We do not discriminate at our workplace and I feel the same should be followed at every organization. Hence, I do not have a piece of advice but giving their best is what I look up to from every individual at Power Gummies or any workplace.