“ Money doesn’t make you happy”, time back my grandmother had insisted, while she was busy cooking my fav aaloo paranthain in her kitchen, one fine morning. “Money can’t bring a smile on your face when you feel lonely and low or buy you a good night sleep when you are stressed and depressed. Where ever you end up in this journey of your life, you need to work hard for your living and nurture relationships rather than sticking to money all the time” she added…

Those words of hers still reverberate in my mind and heart. I do ponder over this thought many times specifically as I mutely observe the psyche and principles of people around me. Ok what do you say, do you think a lottery win would make you happy forever? As per me “NO”, a big payout won’t make that much of a difference. Winning the lottery isn’t a ticket to true happiness, however enticing it might be to imagine never working again and being able to afford anything you want. It seems as long as you cannot afford to avoid the basic miseries of life, having the spare cash won’t make you any happier. Lottery win may make you feel richer than your neighbours. You may move to a new mansion in a new locality, which may make you feel happy for a few days but sooner you will realise that your new friends are living in bigger mansions than yours. I am sure I don’t need to pen about the feelings and thoughts that shall engulf you then …. In other words, you shall still be unhappy.

Happiness isn’t a quality like height , weight or income that can be easily measured . It is complex, nebulous state that is fed by transient simple pleasures as well as the more sustained rewards of activities. Had this not been the truth we would never have come across cheerful, beaming faces of the “deprived and underprivileged” people.

I hold colossal amount of respect and veneration for the CEO of Berkshire Hathway, “The Oracle Of Omaha” who is worth more than 75 Billions .In an interview he cited , “ I can buy anything basically. I could go on buying homes and mansions yet I live in the same house I bought in 1958. And if I could spend $100 million on a house that would make me a lot happier , I would definitely do it But for me, my home is the happiest home in the world because it’s got memories and people come back, and all that sort of living”.

Actually, Happiness is having satisfaction and meaning in your life. It isn’t at all about having a privilege or a lot of money. It’s a broader thing – our ability to connect with others, to have meaningful relationships, to have a better community. People who say they are happy are the ones who have strong connections and communications with others- that is a sort of recipe for happiness. Happiness is standing by one another, holding the hands of the unknown too when they feel low or in times of trouble. Joy is sharing and caring…