My Dream City New York ~ Devika

“Once you have lived in New York and made it your home, no place else is good enough” ― John Steinbeck

And you won’t call this an exaggeration once you step onto the most vibrant city of the world. The Big Apple has all the luxuries that man could have dreamt off and that’s why the life of a New Yorker is just smooth and relentless. The 24×7 live wire city welcomes all tourists to explore it, for there is never enough time to capture all the mesmerising sights of NYC.

I would keep my wallet plum as its the zenith of shopping wonders. With lesser baggage and equipped with the right documents, you can set off for the journey which many would agree is a once in a lifetime experience…

At NYC, the question is not where to go, but rather where all to go. Scheduling your itinerary can be really stuffy. It should be organised in a way that you don’t miss out on the major attractions, have a delightful shopping experience, and also get to enjoy mouth-watering NYC delicacies.

New York proves to be everyone’s cup of tea as there is something for every type of globetrotter. The most renowned attractions are :

1. Central Park gives you serenity amidst the hustle of the city.

2. Timesquare is the crossroads of the world.

3. Empire State Building offers the most stunning view of the Big Apple.

4. In Statue of Liberty, lies the soul of American culture.

5. Brooklyn bridge is the flawless unveiling of human imagination.

And so it goes…..

As New York embraces diverse cultures, you might even get the opportunity to be part of various festivals from around the globe at NYC. This also quashes the worry of getting one’s native food items.

Find out Whats’ On in New York

Broadway, with its unique and world-class style of art and entertainment and GCT with the most opulent train journey, epitomise the technological and infrastructural advancement of New York.

One thing is certain, that New York is a a dream city for many, not just me. As they say,” NEW YORK IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA.

Devika D S

I am a writer by passion who believes all hues of emotions are equally important in the making of a wonderful life.Hence I try to keep each of my pen works of unique and diverse in flavour.