Nail Colors for Winter by Fizza Durrani

Getting your nails done or putting nail polish on is one the most therapeutic things a girl can do. But the choices seem never-ending. So many colours, all so beautiful. What would be the most suitable in this season? What colours are in these days? What will look good on me? Decisions, decisions. Not to panic. We will guide you on how to choose the right colours this winter. We’re going to break down this guide into two parts to make it easier for you all.

1.The basic and general colours appropriate for winter.
2. The right colours for fall according to skin tones.

Let’s get started!

Suitable Colours for Winter

Fall and winters call out for everything dark and shady in your wardrobe, makeup and nail kits, like:

  • Maroons
  • Deep plums
  • Deep pinks
  • Deep reds
  • Burgundy
  • Burnt oranges
  • Browns
  • Blacks
  • Greys
  • Deep greens
  • Navy blues
  • Purples

But it’s not limited to just the dark bolds. Light or neutral shades work too. For example:

  • Nudes
  • Rose gold
  • Pale pinks
  • Lavender
  • Cherry reds
  • Taupes
  • Frosted blues

To narrow down the spectrum and help you choose the right colors based on your skin tone, here are some of the most common skin tones and the colors that suit them best.

Medium skin tones:

Most of the nail colours mentioned above will suit your complexion, including burgundy, deep plums, sky blues, pastel blues, peachy pinks, cream colours. Avoid rusty and gold tones. They may make your hands look not-so-flattering. All the other colours are basically in your comfort zone.

Tan skin tones:

Amp up that tan and rock the bright and shady colours! Colours like fuchsia, bright pinks, oranges and reds can help accentuate the tan in your complexion.

Light skin tones:

This skin tone rocks the pastels and creams like none other. Nudes are made for all skin tones and are suitable for all shades of skin. You just have to find your perfect nude shades.

Pretty simple, right? We hope this helps you narrow down the vast choices the next time you get to a nail salon. I personally believe that all skin tones can wear all colours of nail polish as long as carried appropriately and keep in the comfort zones. Nevertheless, do not be afraid to experiment, switch it up and have fun with the colours!

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