New Books to Read in 2020

It’s a fresh new year and we are back with yet another fresh list of books for you to read in 2020. Romance, thriller, mystery- there’s something here for everyone. So grab your coffee and start picking your favorites.

New Waves, by Kevin Nguyen

Two friends, Margo and Lucas, who work at a messaging app startup, plot against the company and join hands with a rival startup. As if this intense drama in their lives wasn’t enough, one of them meets their fatal fate in a twist of events and leaves the other wondering what they’re supposed to do next. Releasing in March, this one will definitely keep you hooked!

New Waves: A Novel by [Nguyen, Kevin]

Lady in Waiting: My Extraordinary Life in the Shadow of the Crown, by Anne Glenconner

Anne spent 30 years as the lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret , the queen’s younger sister who died in 2002. She writes this book taking us along to understand not only who the princess really was as a person, but also her own struggles and changes in life.

For anyone who enjoys a little insider on the royal class, this book will be a very nice company on a cozy evening. 

Long Bright River, by Liz Moore

Two sisters in Philadelphia live completely opposite lives, one as an addict and the other as a police officer. When one of them goes missing, the other has to face her fears and find her sister before irreversible damage takes place.This thriller, releasing in January, will satisfy your craving for mystery and suspense.

Grown Ups, by Marian Keyes

Imagine what would happen if you couldn’t keep your thoughts to yourself? Scary, right?This nightmare turns into a hilarious reality for Cara when she suffers a concussion. A light read that keeps you entertained AND addicted, this one should make its way into your 2020 book list.

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird, by Josie Silver

What could be more tragic than the love of your life dying on your birthday? The immediate life that follows. The story revolves around Lydia as she gathers the strength to go back into the world and start over. A tragic love story of a strong woman, now how doesn’t love that? 

Keeper, by Jessica Moor

A woman is pulled from the waters of a local suicide spot. Seeming like a perfectly “normal” suicide case, the police decide to move past it really quickly thinking there’s nothing to investigate. However, the people from the domestic violence refuge disagree. They think it’s a murder.
So, is it? Read to find out.

The Silent Treatment, by Abbie Greaves

This story revolves around a couple going through a very “silent” phase. As life starts to take some twists and turns the marriage takes quite a few turns itself. Will it collapse? Or will they see love again somewhere in all the mess? It’s an interesting plot indeed.

The Silent Treatment by [Greaves, Abbie]

What Have I Done, by Laura Dockrill

Suffering from postpartum depression, Laura shares her experiences after her first child was born. This book talks about mental health and how even a happy event such as this can bring something as sad as depression for the mother. A topic not often talked about, this book should be read by everyone, parents or not.

What Have I Done?: An honest memoir about surviving post-natal mental illness by [Dockrill, Laura]

BE YOUR TRUTH By Amy Goldberg

Our very own Amy Goldberg, shows you how to embrace your truth, by cutting through the bullsh*t to get to your best life. In this powerfully insightful, no holds barred look at the internal obstacles holding us back from living our true potential, author Amy Goldberg shows readers how to identify, defeat, and deconstruct the inner barriers preventing us from taking decisive action. BE YOUR TRUTH is an inspirational, funny, well-aimed wake-up call guaranteed to galvanize anyone who thinks they are not good enough.

So these were a few book suggestions from us to you. Tell us which ones you are leaning towards. Or is there another book suggestion you’d like to give us? We’d love to know.