News in 5: 12th March

  • Mayawati’s Ex-Secretary Raided Over Alleged Tax Evasion Worth 100 Crores. Tax raids on Mayawati’s former secretary at 12 location in Lucknow and Delhi. Read more… NDTV
  • Manmohan flags economic stress under Modi, Sonia says PM politicising national interest issues. In veiled references to post Pulwama events, Sonia said the ruling party is politicising issues of national interest. Read more on it… Tribune
  • Sachin Tendulkar and Harbhajan Singh pose for an epic photo with superstar Rajinikanth at the Ambani wedding. Read more… Pinkvilla
  • “Will Call Once I Land”: Indian Texts Husband Before Ethiopia Jet Crash.Shikha Garg had got married less than three months ago to Soumya Bhattacharya after dating for three years. Read more.. NDTV
  • Taliban kill 13 troops in country’s west: Afghan officials. Jamshid Shahabi, the provincial governor’s spokesman, says the fate of a dozen other soldiers is unknown. Read more about it… Tribune

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