Self-Care – Specially for Woman.

In Today’s fast paced and technology infested world, the word self-care has become extinct. There are my close friends who keep burning the candles at both ends, till your Mind, Body and Soul are synchronising you are putting self-care off. Remember it does not need to be a big splash. It’s simple

“Hear what your mind is saying” ; Hear what your Body is screaming for” ; Your Soul is begging to stop “

How hard is it to listen to yourself? Taking care of yourself is a little more than consuming food and having a roof over your head. Here I would like to mention, Women, they in particular struggle with this issue, though it is not just a Woman based issue, Woman are conditioned during their growing process for denying or minimising their own needs. It makes denying self-worth, and constantly putting off need for rejuvenation. and in the long run, accumulate resentment and anger.

Woman across the globe care a lot for their parents, siblings, partners, kids, and the list goes on. They will prepare good breakfast for everyone at home, but will forget about her stomach growling. She will ensure her kids and partners needs are a priority.

We menstruate, earlier the ladies of the house were not allowed to work, I do not attach a religious label, but a scientific reason that those wise people allowed the woman rest as the body screams for the same.. Now we all are superwoman who are intelligent  and proud of doing the balancing act. 

Self-care means considering yourself as a person who has needs, and in turn presenting yourself as worthwhile, capable and deserving person. Self-care is just not listening to music or attending a party to relax, but it has this intricate small nuances which needs to be done. Listen to your body, do not delay, don’t ask yourself when? It’s simply now.

Attend to your bucket list, which does not mean not to be kind, support your family. But giving time to yourself.

Now am not an expert, or giving you the magic wand of what will make you glow.

The point I wanted to drive is Self-Care is essential. A Poem I Penned

Small girl was I

With tiny pigtails and blue eyes

Few moons and I was a woman

With dreams in my eyes

Then came a Prince who took me yonder

I basked in the love and never wondered

Routine had set my task, the Prince now a man

Who walked in and out without a moment to spend.

My eyes lost the dreams in them

And followed the growing of my children then

The children now have grown up,

They don’t need me for any work now.

My man has grown old and so have I.

I wonder where is the girl with a twinkle in her eye.

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