Pallavi Priyadarshini’s Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing

If you employ Instagram, you’ve most likely have seen powerful users promoting brands and products. You may be inquisitive to explore further if the strategy works with influencers on Instagram.

This guide offers you in-depth studies about the guidelines you should follow and the do’s and don’ts of a winning Instagram influencer campaig

Why Use Instagram for Influencer Marketing?

First of all, you need to make sure that the campaign is going to get you results. As you proceed further through this guide, I believe you already have understood that influencer promoting is effective and you are looking forward to seeing if executing your campaign on Instagram is actually the most effective route.

Let’s take a glance at a number of explanations on why you must use Instagram for influencer marketing.

Massive Reach

Instagram is one amongst the foremost standard social media platforms within the world. Consistent with the bench center, it’s the second most well-liked social media platform once Facebook, says a Pew Center report.

The report found that 32 percent of internet users within the U.S. are on Instagram.

High Engagement Rate

Instagram is benchmarked as the foremost partaking social media platform. Consistent with a study by TrackMaven, Instagram sees the foremost average surge in interactions per post per 1000 followers. Interestingly, the engagement magnitude relation comes 29.67 on the platform.

On the contrary, Facebook sees around 16.54 average interactions per post per 1000 followers.

Understand the value

Before you’ll begin coming up with your campaign, you must additionally take into account your budget and create plans consequently.

Influencer promotion can be costly, proper planning with budgeting will facilitate your avoid excess prices.

In annexation, it’s crucial to know that the value of collaborating with influencers can vary consistently based on the influencer’s follower size and also in the industry you’re in. According to, influencers charge additional as their audience size increases.

The cost of operating with influencers on Instagram will vary consistently with the arena within which the influencer specialises.

The report found that travel influencers charge the best, taking a median of $220 for every sponsored post. Next come recreation influencers, followed by home and fashion influencers charging $209 and $204 per post severally.

Once you perceive all of those prices, you may have an improved plan of what quantity you may have to pay on your campaign.

And based on your budget, you’ll decide what number influencers you can work with and the way a lot of you can afford to pay on every one of them.

How to find the suitable Influencers?

Now comes the method of finding the proper influencers. This is often simply one amongst the foremost difficult steps in influencer promoting, whether or not it’s on Instagram or on alternative platforms.

If you wish to beat this challenge, you wish to be clear regarding what you’re searching for in an influencer.

Steps to identify suitable influencers

First, they must be relevant to your brand and campaign.

Additionally, they must be inventive and interesting. And based on your campaign goals, they must even have vital reach.

By personifying your ideal influencer, you’ll realise it easier to slender down the most effective influencers for your brand from an inventory of potential influencers.

Now, we understand how to find these influencers

  1. Look for Branded Hashtags

Look for influencers who are already fans of your brand and make content with regards to your brand. Start by searching influencers with a branded hashtag campaign to dig related content created relevant to your product. After checking the users who have created these posts, you might get a hint of who could be your potential influencers.

For example, consider the brand for cosmetics  #cosmeticsshop. There could also be some variations to searching the brand like #cosmeticshopping or #topratedskincosmetics.

Now let’s take a more in-depth study a number of the posts within the search results. The primary one is denoted by @all.cosmetics.youneed, however as you’ll see within the description below, they are solely reposting somebody else’s content.

We’ll examine the account of the first content creator instead. The first content creator is made up a household, and decision making from her bio, she has experience in beauty and makeup. Not solely is she relevant, however, she additionally has 326K followers.

She’s an ideal influencer for the brand as she is an acquaintance of the brand and has a large reach.

2. Look for Relevant Hashtags further

If you’re not an established brand, or if you’re not happy with the results from the previous plan of action, you’ll additionally conduct an exploration of relevant hashtags. You will need to examine all the hashtag the same way as before to explore influencers relevant to your brand and content.

Let’s say you’re a whole that desires to market a brand new line of ingredients. during this case, you’d ideally be operating with bon vivant influencers UN agency can even cook and implement your ingredients into their recipes. Let’s attempt attempting to find the hashtag #homechef and analyse the results.

Next, try the user’s profile and see if they might be relevant to your campaign.

3. Use the Proper Tools

You can additionally create use of influencer promoting tools to alter your search additionally. While exploring these tools, you’ll be ready to get an inventory of potential influencers based on a  relevant keyword or category. Some tools that come handy are BuzzWeb, BuzzSumo.

BuzzWeb encompasses a free usage set up, that permits you to conduct searches on over 100,000 influencers. You could analyse the audience and see which influencers works best for you.

Or you could skip all of this and work with an influencer promoting agency instead.

In this case, the agency can fastidiously analyse your desires and expectations to attach you with the foremost relevant influencers in their network.

Execute Your Campaign and Measure Goals

Finally, you’ll begin executing your Instagram influencer promoting campaign to support the goals you’ve set.

Some of the foremost standard varieties of campaigns on Instagram are:

  • Sponsored Post: Here, you’ll be paying influencers to make content for your brand. They may merely feature your product in their content or tell a complete story regarding your product betting on what you decide on or would like. This kind of campaign is helpful for achieving any type of goal.
  • Contests: Forward free products to influencers so that they will organize a giveaway contest. This is often a superb plan of action to interact {a new|a replacement|a whole new} audience and might facilitate you gain new followers to boost brand awareness.

It might additionally facilitate building buzz around a brand new product.

  • Branded Content:  You could additionally feature influencers in your branded content to grant the content a touch additional push. The content is going to be created and revealed by you, however, involve influencers. For example, have an influencer create something using your product or participate in your storytelling. Branded content is effective for promoting a brand new product or reaching a new audience normally.
  • Reviews: You also have the option of having influencers review your product so that their followers could take a better decision. Ensure the review is an honest opinion, this helps to build the trust of your target market
  • Brand Rep Programs: You can even flip influencers into representatives for your Brand. Offer every influencer with a custom discount link or code, so that they could share with their audience. For every conversion they drive, pay them their decided share. this kind of campaign will facilitate raise whole awareness and drive conversions effectively.

Tracking the campaign

After you execute your campaign, don’t forget to track your progress and see what reasonable results  are actually driving the influencers

 Having a custom universal resource locator or distinctive discount code for every influencer can make it easier to trace the performance of your campaign. Based on your analysis of the campaign results, create changes and enhancements.


The entire process is going to be time-consuming and demand extensive effort. Lace up your sleeves and get started.

Pallavi Priyadarshini