Pleasing Others ~ Anhad Kaur Shergill

By trying to please other people , nothing is accomplished

who doesn’t want to please others?
everyone wants everybody to love them

There is nothing wrong in wanting to be liked, in wanting others to enjoy your presence, but its wrong when you start loosing yourself if the process of pleasing others.

In the whole world, there isn’t a single person like you, and that’s exactly what makes you so special, so unique and precious.
so the ones who really care will be there for you no matter what . the ones who love you won’t put any terms and conditions for that love.

 the ones you are trying to please and make happy will be there with you till the time you say “YES” and till the time you do everything thing for them . once you say “NO” as an answer these people just disappear and are no where to be seen and suddenly come back to your life when they need help again.

When someone you don’t want to help anymore asks you to do something you feel the pressure arise in your veins , a lump rising in your throat , your whole body trying to saying “ NO “ but you still smile and say “ YES “ because you want everyone to be happy.

WHAT THE HELL is going on here?
Why can’t you just say “NO” and walk away?
the ones who care about you and love you will understand why you said “NO” and the ones who don’t understand the reason behind your answer don’t deserve to be a part of your life

when you are a people pleaser
you usually tend to see the goodness in others even though they are completely using you
you start putting yourself in others shoes and become very sensitive for others feelings
you start caring about everyone else’s comfort more than yours
 you start acting on basis of what people will think
 You often suffer the expense of doing a favour for others
You feel frustrated
people take advantage of you

just know the difference between
pleasing others
obeying others

respecting others
loving others
caring about others

pleasing others will neither make you happy nor the person you are doing everything for . because people always expect more and more from you and no about of work you do for them is going to make them satisfied