10 Makeup Hacks~ Fizza

Makeup is an art. This statement is true in every sense of it. And like any art, there are certain ways (aka hacks) to make it easier. So, today, we present to you 10 fool-proof makeup hacks that will save you your time and money.

  1.  Get most out of your makeup tubes.
    If your makeup tube appears to be empty, instead of tossing it out, cut it in half. You’ll get a number of uses out of the product still left in the tube.

  2. Get most out of your mineral makeup.
    Similarly, when your mineral makeup cans and jars appear to be empty, use a coin to open the jar from underneath. Surprise! There’s more product still in there.

  3. Make your eye-shadow pop.
    Color doesn’t pop on your lid as much as it does on the pan? Use white eyeliner pencil as a base for your eye shadow. This basically cancels out the uneven colors on your eyelid and gives you a blank white canvas, instantly making the color pop.  

  4. Easy eyelash glue application.
    Having trouble putting glue on your fake lashes? We all do. Use the tip of a hair pin to make your life easier.

  5. Make lipstick last longer.
    This one is a favorite of the crowd. Once you put your lipstick on, put a tissue on your lips and apply powder on top. This not only mattifys your lipstick, but also makes it last longer.

  6. Make your own lip-gloss.
    Who says you have to buy a whole tube of lip-gloss for the rare occasions when you feel like putting it on? Make one instantly. Just mix your favorite eye shadow or mineral makeup with petroleum jelly and voila! Your own customized shade of lip-gloss is ready.

  7. Revitalize your old mascaras.
    If you feel like your mascara dried up way too fast, worry not. Add a few drops of saline solution to the tube and you’re all set.

  8. Curl your lashes faster.
    Heating up your lash curler before you use it can help fasten the process of lash curling and make the curl last longer as well. Simply use a blow-drier or lighter to heat up the curler, put it against the back of your hand to make sure it’s not too hot and use it as you normally do.

  9. Add more volume to your lashes.
    The magic in this hack is powder. Yes, powder.
    Put on your usual mascara. Now apply some powder on your lashes and dust off the excess. Now put mascara on, again. The powder will act as a primer and will not only give your lashes more volume, but will also stop your mascara from budging and bleeding throughout the day. 

  10. Apply your dry shampoo at night.
    We all love dry shampoo for days when we simply cannot wash our hair. But did you know that putting it on the night before is actually even better than using it just on time? Well, it is.
    While you sleep, toss and turn through the night, your dry shampoo will spread around better, set in your scalp and give you more volume and texture in the morning.

All of these will definitely come in handy during your everyday makeup.  My personal favorite is the first one. I use it all the time. It’s practical and economical. I mean who doesn’t want to get their money’s worth of product out of their makeup tubes, right? So, which one of these did you like the best?