Podcast & Life in Corona Times, Musings for Today ~ Ravneet Sangha

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So, I do remain the eternal optimist always , but sometimes incidents happen that remind me of the fragility and the uncertainty of life everything finishes. Irfan Khan passed away yesterday and today another one Rishi Kapoor, one who rose from nothing to conquer the world with his intensity and brilliance and to give life to characters which will stay with us for a long long time,a mark that wont be erased . And the other who was from the powerhouse of the Kapoors, the first family of Bollywood ,punjabi , loud , fun loving , from Pakistan and who charmed everyone with his romance, love and his being an eternal lover boy . Did they see this coming , no ? Everyone wants a long life and in the end we meet our Maker when the time is decided.

Since my childhood ,we have been taught that ask and you shall be granted , ask and you shall receive , ask and it will be yours. We have made , God into a genie and the idea is that he will grant the wish . Subconsciously , we have trained our mind into thinking that we need to trade with him . I will do this and  please grant me this . It doesn’t work that way .

Babaji , had said that if we completely surrender then what we desire is ours. Because when we surrender we don’t need it , it’s actually killing all the nafs and the ego in asking for our material things , or for the love of something , or for the promotion ,to barter or to set wishes and terms and conditions or to bribe him by doing paath or by giving with the sole intent of receiving something in return is not what He wished us to do .

In fact , the loop is that when we will get this ,we will be happier. Is that the yardstick? Does the happiness , contentment last ? Is it for ever, or is it fleeting for the time when we want something bigger and better
The irony is that we forget that the higher self that is in control of everything and we need to adjust our flow with it , to kill the desire is the way to be .
As humans , our natural greed , struggle for power , hubris and to control everything all around is what has led us to this pandemic, nature is recovering , recuperating and reseizing its lost ground. Are we going to learn? Are we going to change ? Are we going to mend our ways?

I don’t know , honestly , but with a population of 7 billion and counting , I don’t think humanity will change . We are in the holy month of Ramzan and friends and family are fasting in this pious month and they all pray for deliverance . A lot of friends who are cynical will be quick to reply and remark but what would happen if we can set forth a chain of positivity and prayer and the whatever action we will take will influence the rest of your life . Let’s try at least , we have been reading and engaging in fake news , drama and every thing possible and reading up to save ourselves from this monster of a virus .

A butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazonian jungle, and subsequently a storm ravages half of Europe.Each smallest act of kindness , reverberates across great distances and spans of time – affecting lives unknown to the one who’s generous spirit , was the source of this good echo.